Becoming an Architect with an Architectural Engineering Degree


Hello all! I am currently an architectural engineering MSc student, with a bachelor's degree in civil engineering with a structural emphasis. However, ultimately I want to be an architect. I was wondering if there are fellow community members who might have taken a similar path, and whether or not you might have any advice for someone near the beginning? Many thanks for your time and experience!

Oct 3, 23 11:25 am

I have a few people in my office who have taken the registration through experience path rather than getting an accredited degree. It takes a little longer, but works just fine. You don't need to get an accredited degree to be an architect.

Do keep very good records of all your architectural work experience (who, what, when, etc.). You'll need them to document to the state registration board that you meet their requirements.

Oct 3, 23 11:48 am  · 

Technically I agree with gwharton. However, I meet very few AE grads in architecture. It's an engineering degree, so the job prospects are more engineering oriented and thus getting that registration though experience may be a bit more of a drag.

Doesn't seem like you thought this out very well to be honest. It would have been a lot straighter path to just get a first professional MArch Degree. 

Oct 3, 23 12:14 pm  · 
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