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Hello Colleagues, I am reaching out today to investigate what everyone's most successful marketing strategies are.
More specifically I am wondering whether, for promoting architectural services, many of you are finding Social Media investments to have positive return on investments and conversion rates. 

Sometimes I feel like the good ole in person, local networking (probably augmented with basic SEO maximization for search engines) might be the best strategy. (Of course keeping current client satisfied and turning them into returning clients goes without saying).

Here are some basic questions:
Does your office have a Marketing budget? (dedicated staff, contractor or other)
How much of it is focusing on social media?
Do you know what the social media investment is yielding, in terms of conversion rates?
Bottom line: Does it really pay off to invest in social media presence?
And which platforms have yielded the most success for your practice?

I am sure there will be quite a variety of results out there. I appreciate feedback and insights.

Thank you

Sep 10, 23 8:02 pm

If you’re looking for developing leads then I recommend reading/listening/watching Alex Hormozi’s $100M Leads. It’s for free on his website or in audiobook form on his podcast (The Game). As for website I recommend using your website to attract clients. Writing a blog to get SEO results is a great way to provide value and come off as an expert. Write specifically on pain point topics for your ideal client and how you solve them. Residential? Developers? Businesses? I recommend also picking only one social media platform (I recommend YouTube and Instagram) YouTube for longer format videos of you talking to the camera or a house tour. Then Instagram for a behind the scenes thing (site visit, sketches, what you’re reading, etc). Then in person is always the best in terms of gaining trust. Read “Ninja Selling” how to do small talk. 

Sep 17, 23 1:57 pm  · 

You really like to sell Alex Homozi. You do it in almost every post you make . . .

Sep 19, 23 5:32 pm  · 

Ive researched and read a lot of books. Most of those books are filled with un-actionable anecdotal BS. I’m trying to recommend the best action oriented resources that I’ve come across. If it’s free material I will recommend twice as much since I know many architects looking to start their own firm don’t have 5 grand to spend on a seminar. I’m a crab that has made it out of the bucket in a very unconventional route and I’m advocating for the same advice that I’ve found is the most productive. The fact you’re wondering why I’m “shilling” for free is because simply I want other people to succeed. Im in the process of starting a design build firm with offering *gasp* free architectural designs and VR *ungasp* as a freebie for my design-build services. The client doesn’t get the plans until they sign up for construction services, eliminating the need for people using us for free to shop around. Also eliminates competing against internet plans. We charge more for construction services making up for the lack of design fee. But since we charge a bit more for building, we make up for this lack of income. By charging more for construction we can also pay our subs more to get them in on time and to complete their work. This means we build trust, build a path to having to use us, and ultimately getting a custom home on time and in the budget that they agreed upon forehand. Now, if you actually watched any of Alex Hormozi’s stuff you wouldn’t be wondering why I was shilling for free. The fact you’re wondering why I’m shilling is pretty telling you haven’t followed my advice. I’m only trying to help the other crabs out doing what they love. I’d hate for architects to go to and look at the compensation packages for tech companies. Talk about insult to injury.

Sep 19, 23 10:18 pm  · 

I never said you're shilling for anyone. The fact that you missed that makes me question a lot of what you've posted on this topic.

Sep 20, 23 9:47 am  · 

Me: post relevant content on said topic. CM: you sure like to mention someone. I suspect you might be paid to post.

Sep 21, 23 9:51 pm  · 

Me: it’s free and it’s what I’ve found personally helpful in trying to break the bucket of crabs BS that architecture is caught in. CM: boy you certainly missed the mark on my comment. Chad, you’re literally the person I’m trying to help. Our economy is about to hit the preverbal fan and a whole lot of small businesses are going to go under. The NY Fed says the odds of a recession at 70% (higher than prior the GFC), China’s economy is imploding (but don’t worry that won’t impact us *winky face*) and 53% of small business owners report that there making half or less than what they earned prior to the pandemic. Oh and interest are still below the historic average. I’m providing help and it’s met with skepticism. Fair enough but I’ve escaped the bucket of crabs. I have nothing but the best for you, and the rest of my impoverished peers, in my heart. P.s. I was looking how much architects were offering employees in and around Seattle. With 3-5 years of exp you’re looking at $60k-$75k. This is literally the same salary as 4 years ago. To put this in perspective, master electricians make over $250k (after having their pay docked) and apprentice electricians make half that. This is in bloody Bremerton!

Sep 21, 23 10:13 pm  · 

No to all the above!  Do good work, it sells itself.

Sep 19, 23 4:51 pm  · 

Yea! the marketing of Architecture versus the more cerebral act of it all

Sep 22, 23 3:18 am  · 

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