Dear Architects, Stop Being Doomers

Jesus, some of y'all are so glib. "Oh this profession is dying and there's nothing that can be done. Boo-hoo."

You want architects to become more relevant to the public? Use this thread to share things that you've done recently to help your community. I'll start:

At my firm, after Hurricane Ian hit our city, we decided to start a public information blog. It began with lots of information on how to protect, salvage, and mitigate damage to one's house, and is now shifting toward sharing information on design practices that we use at our firm to provide longevity and resiliency. This kind of information has been valuable for people in our local community, who can't otherwise afford our services (or perhaps wouldn't make use of them) to get info like this. It's @ajo_flrss on Instagram.

What have you guys done lately to help make your profession relevant locally?

Mar 23, 23 7:23 am
Non Sequitur

"What have you guys done lately to help make your profession relevant locally?"

Nothing.  We're far too busy designing and putting buildings together for paying clients to notice this so called glib.  I think a good chunk of these doomers you refer to to are disgruntled fresh grads upset that the real world is not what they were told it was during their expensive academic years.  

Mar 23, 23 7:35 am  · 
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Yeah probably. I do think it's important for architects to take their own reins in being useful to their communities, but I also think that fresh grads assume that they'll use their 9-5 in order to do that, instead of what everyone has done forever, which is to advocate on your own time.

Mar 23, 23 8:37 am  · 

We design schools that teach our young people and provide opportunities that give them the tools for future personal success in life.  

We design clinics and elder care facilities that allow people to be healed physically and mentally while providing respect and dignity to the patients.  

I think that's rather relevant to my community.  

Mar 23, 23 10:01 am  · 
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Great topic, but after my last effort at posting my pro-bono side hustle, I'll stick to doing the work, and less talking about my efforts.

Mar 23, 23 10:57 am  · 
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Humble brag / insult. I like it! :)

Mar 23, 23 11:30 am  · 

I think in an age where architects are being sidelined left and right by GCs, specialty consultants, home-builders, and hobbyists with access to pinterest, it's super important for us to openly talk about the work we actually do, even if it comes off a bit "braggy".

Mar 23, 23 11:32 am  · 

I don't find it either, but that's how it came across when I posted the work.

Mar 23, 23 12:51 pm  · 
Non Sequitur

B3ta, that was the vegan cafe with the nice tile?

Mar 23, 23 12:55 pm  · 

That among others. I've also assisted in providing some insight into a DIY manual of safety for squators, after the Ghostship tragedy. I'm also committed to providing pro-bono services to abortion providers.

Mar 23, 23 1:15 pm  · 
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Regarding reproductive rights - I'm doing the same thing her in GJ. It's gotten me in a bit of hot water but nothing serious.

Mar 23, 23 1:18 pm  · 
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You are kinetic energy from the Big Bang with consciousness on an organic spaceship fighting against the persistent entropy of the universe to create some temporary order for other conscious creatures to inhabit.  And it can’t leak.  That’s cool enough. 

Mar 23, 23 11:30 am  · 
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It's cool but everyone is like that. It's not special or unique.  Well at least in my case.   ;)

Mar 23, 23 11:35 am  · 

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