Finished Part I & II in the UK, getting licensed in another country. How do I get the UK license after?


Hi everyone, 

I finished both my part I & II in the UK. However, I am currently getting my license in Vietnam, which requires 3 years of experience and an exam. I want to get the UK license after that, but don't know what category I would be in.

Would I be considered a normal UK student who will have to do the 2 years work experience then part III? Or would I be considered the holder of an overseas qualification and have to take the prescribed examination? Will my 3-year work experience in Vietnam be considered, or do I still have to work in the UK for 2 years min before I can take the exam?

Would love to get some advice!

Dec 8, 21 11:57 am

Have a look at ARB. and here. 12 of 24 months should be in UK.   You should get a PSA and do PEDR on your work now.  Often your Part II Uni can provide this for a small fee.  Best also to be aware of what type of experience you should get and do a log of your work experience. If you are working in Vietnam under the direction of a UK Architect, you can count this to the 12 months.  Even if you are not working directly with a UK Architect in you office, you can approach that person and see if they would be willing to mentor you and sign off the experience work sheets.

As I understand it you can do Part III without completing experience - however, Part III generally requires a case study on a project. `Again, reach out to your Part II MPL tutor who can help you specifically maneuver the territory - 

Good Luck! :-)

Dec 8, 21 2:36 pm  · 
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Thank you so much TED! What a detailed explanation, good to know my experience in Vietnam can still be usefull. I will have a look at the links you provided.

All the best!

Dec 9, 21 9:33 pm  · 
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