Can you do landscape architecture as a licensed architect?


I want to be an architect but I’m curious if I’ll have the freedom to also work in landscape architecture even if I don’t have a degree in landscape architecture?

May 18, 21 2:51 pm


but like anything else quality experience matters

May 18, 21 3:11 pm  · 

Depends on:

Where you are practicing.

What type of project it is. 

Some landscape projects will require you to be a landscape architect.  I know in my area of western Colorado all city planning submittals must have a landscape design done by a landscape architect.  Final CD's must have a landscape plan done by an LA. 

May 18, 21 3:23 pm  · 
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The question should be "Should you do landscape architecture as a licensed architect?"

May 18, 21 3:33 pm  · 
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Short Answer is yes. But I know in many jurisdictions the Landscape Architecture Associations are becoming more formal about who can sign and seal letters of assurance / schedules etc. Which would then require a registered Landscape Architect to design / sign documents.

May 18, 21 4:44 pm  · 


May 18, 21 5:18 pm  · 

In some places landscape architect is a protected title. You can work doing whatever you want, but in some places you'd be considered a landscape designer.

May 19, 21 4:39 am  · 

If your state law has an actual landscape architecture license then the short answer is no. In a general principle, one license is not suppose to be used in lieu of another license. The principle is that you would be licensed in each licensed profession that you want to practice.

There are exceptions built into laws of some states that allows you to engage in the scope of work that may be of another related profession as long as it is incidental to the practice of the profession you are licensed in and the particular project. This so-called "incidental practice" is by exception not by general rule of the laws governing a license. This is not the case, everywhere. 

In Oregon, for example, there is a "landscape architect" license but not a "landscape design" license. Architects can offer landscape design services but those are generally what would be seen as landscape design for residential.... so what is residential landscape architecture is called residential landscape design. Landscape architecture on non-residential projects like school campus landscape design, city parks, and so forth, you need to be a landscape architect to design.

Architects and landscape architects works together as part of an overall project team as well as engineers where needed.

May 19, 21 11:00 am  · 

What do you want to do? If you have the skills, can meet the standards, and there are no laws or regs restricting it, you can do it. An architect can prepare grading plans, planting plans, design driveways and pavilions, ponds, paths, etc.

May 19, 21 11:51 am  · 

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