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Hi everybody,

I am currently applying to M.Arch programs for the Fall 2022 cycle, but I've been considering how I can best gain experience during the summer or even part-time during the year. Best case scenario I go straight to graduate school from my undergrad, meaning I potentially pass on the chance to have a possible year-long internship or entry-level position post-grad. 

I'm curious if grad students just keep working as seasonal interns over the summer or if there are other paths to gaining experience while working on an M.Arch. A two-three year hole in employment is definitely something I want to avoid but I'm just not sure if the annual summer internships in college is the typical way of doing it in grad school as well. Generally, if people had other jobs in grad school (somewhat architecture-related, I've worked at fast-food places but I'd love to find other options) I'd be interested to hear about it. 

Oct 19, 21 1:06 pm
Non Sequitur

just make sure that internship position is paid or else that experience is worth negative points.

Oct 19, 21 1:11 pm  · 

I worked during grad school at a small architecture office. I actually started working there fulltime after my bachelors degree and decided to go back to uni after two years and stay part-time to finish construction of my project. So I failed my first semester because of it. Was worth it uni got more intense I couldn’t keep up so switched to a weekend job. This was also architecture related, as a mailman I saw lots of houses and experienced a diverse range of neighbourhoods of Amsterdam from a Jane Jacobs perspective. That came in really handy with some of the urban design projects and research I have done in school and professionally :)

Oct 20, 21 2:27 am  · 

I worked 10-20hrs/wk at a firm.  Hard to balance, but my colleagues at work helped shuffle my load as needed.  Was nice, but did detract from school work from time to time.

Oct 26, 21 4:34 pm  · 
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I did summer work with the National Park Service and Forest Service for four years during my pursuit of a master's degree in Colorado. I built trails, structures, and restored vegetation. It was the best job I've ever had and probably ever will have. I met my wife on the job and moved to Colorado for good after school. No internships during school, no regrets, "It was the recession though..." My advice, have fun in your summer work and don't worry about interning. There is plenty of time ahead of you to be creating door details and schedules.

Oct 29, 21 3:19 pm  · 

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