Dutch job market prospect for Urban design?



After my Bachelor in urban planning, I am starting MSc Urbanism in TU Delft this September. I am excited of course, but on the other hand just like anyone starting the career in this field, I am quite anxious about the career prospect for me.

The only information I have on this matter is that I can get registered as an urban designer https://www.architectenregiste..., and on vacancies for Stedenbouwkundigen are almost non-existent, and nothing really much. After all, not many people openly talk about their careers or salaries online, and my semester in TU Delft as an exchange student during Covid didn't help much with gathering information.

So here I would like to ask: How's the job market is like for TU Delft Urbanism graduates, specifically urban design path with firms like PosadMaxwan, ZUS or Witteveen+Bos? I am not excluding other career options too, i.e. planoloog, consultancy, NGOs, transportation(which was my Bachelor specialisation), GIS/data, real estate/development, PhD... etc.

Personally I hold an EU family member residence permit (Type familielid EU/EER) so visa sponsorship is luckily not an issue, although my B1 Dutch is still very inadequate outside of daily use.

Back in my home country the career prospect for urban planners has always been worse than that of architects, with same downsides like low salary and long hours. (~52/week, legal limit)

Thank you in advance! ;)

May 16, 21 10:04 am

No one can predict the market at the time you would graduate. But for good people there are always jobs. The offices you mention are just some of the top hitters in urbanism. You wont get more money than an is a niche. If you want more money you need to get a job at the gemeente.

May 16, 21 2:57 pm  · 
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There's actually lots of work in that field, since the recent implementation of new laws and regulations (Omgevingswet) requires municipalities to unify all their separate plans into one unified vision and include search areas for the energy transition. So you could easily work at a municipality or at any of the bigger urban design offices that municipalities have outsourced these tasks to. 

May 17, 21 5:54 am  · 
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