Any experience with tablet similar to Wacom Cintiq Pro?


As our field becomes increasingly less analog and heavily reliant on digital solutions, I am curious if anyone has any experience using large drawing tablets like a Wacom Cintiq Pro? In my view it could serve essentially as a digital drafting board, replacing the outdated analog solution with a contemporary solution. Many illustrators and other creatives have already introduced these into their workflows, but I am interested in how the Archinect community would view a tool like this for architecture. I know these are very expensive alternatives, but I would again be curious to hear if anyone would recommend purchasing something like this or has any past experience to reflect upon? I currently use a small Wacom Intuos for my work, but it is not quite ideal for me personally. Again this is a want, not a need. (Trace paper has already worked forever.)

Apr 1, 21 5:15 pm

wacom cintiq pro is very Intuitive, nature and accurate for drawing. the only downside is the price. luckily there are some god alternatives like xp-pen artist and huion kamvas.

Dec 4, 23 4:16 am  · 
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