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I am an overseas registered architect (architectural designer in the UK), looking into getting registered in the UK by completing Part 1 and 2 prescribed exams and applying for Part 3 courses. I am holding B.Arch and Ms.Arch degrees, 4 + 1.5 years. 

When I email ARB to get information, they say I have to study Part 2 masters to be eligible to sit on the prescribed examination. Anyone having this kind of an issue their past education? 

I have more than 10 years of experience, including teaching in undergrad and grad schools, and don't want to start studying in the university again. 

Jan 24, 21 2:54 pm

Are you sure your bachelor is only 4 years?or you excluded the foundation year from your count ?because if you have studied 5 years before having any qualifications earned(which is the bachelor)you are eligible to sit for part 2 as is is written in the arb hand book

Jan 29, 21 9:01 pm  · 

yes it is 4 years, which is the standard in Turkey. Than I have a 3 semester masters in USA. The content of my undergrad I believe is already eligible, since it gives skills to become architect in Turkey, with a lot more workload than a 3 year part 1 education. 

They have to count total years of study for Part 2 and check the content like other countries.  

Jan 29, 21 10:56 pm  · 
Bachir Nebia


I have taken the prescribed examination Part II and unfortunately I haven't past all the criteria. However, I am are eligible for ‘Referral to Lead Examiner’. I need to write three essays about different subjects.

Anyone has done it before ?



[email protected]

Apr 15, 21 10:25 am  · 

Hello Orkun,

I am in a very similar position. I know that there is “no less than 2 years of postgraduate education” requirement stated in various documents, but there is also this one so I am confused. My master degree was MArch but 15 months. Could you get any further on this matter since January, if so please let me know! 

May 26, 24 6:00 am  · 

Interesting , was you M. Arch a professional degree required for a registration at your country of origin? 

May 26, 24 7:22 pm  · 

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