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I`ve received my Bachelor degree from the University of Jordan and looking forward perusing a masters degree. I`m confused in the choice of what university should i choose... I haven`t made up my mind yet to where I want to practice architecture I`m reading the requirements to USA,UK and Europe to become a licensed architect in each in attempt to figure out where I would practice. I have the following questions I would really appreciate if you could answer any:

1. Say I received my masters degree from a NAAB accredited University will that make me NAAB accredited architect or do I have to go through the EESA for my bachelor? same goes for RIBA...

2. Where is easier to be licensed USA, UK or Europe for someone ho holds both bachelor and masters degrees? (I am aware that i can practice without being licensed).

3. I`m leaning towards The University of Stuttgart because I think their program suits me the most. On their website they mentioned that their degree is internationally recognized without mentioning any other details and they are also aaq credited. What does that mean for me? and will I be able to practice architecture in Europe after completing my masters?

One more thing to note I speak English, Arabic, French and Spanish. I`m sorry I know it`s a lot but I`m really confused, your expertise will mean a lot to me.

Jun 3, 20 2:42 pm

If you get an NAAB-accredited first-professional M.Arch (typically a 2.5 to 3.5 year program), then yes you'll have an NAAB-accredited professional degree and you wouldn't need to go through EESA. There's no such thing as an "NAAB accredited architect".  What you'd be is a graduate of an NAAB-accredited professional degree program. 

  If you were to get a "post-professional" M.Arch (typically a 1 to 2 year program) those aren't usually NAAB-accredited on their own, so don't typically meet that requirement.  

Jun 4, 20 6:52 pm  · 
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One comment just in case you're not aware.

In the United State graduating from an NAAB accredited college with any type of architectural degree (B.Arch, M.Arch) does not make you a licensed architect.  You would still need to complete your IDP then take and pass all of the licensing exams.  

Jun 4, 20 7:02 pm  · 
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