ICF House Design


Interested in building a house using insulated concrete form.

Can any architect do a design or does it need to be a specific architect who works with this form?
If so, what is the best resource to find an architect experienced with ICF buildings?


Apr 1, 20 7:14 pm
Non Sequitur

is google broken?

Apr 1, 20 7:23 pm  · 

ICF is a nightmare for most non-industrial applications.

If you're building anything other than a windowless box, almost any other construction system is going to be better.

Apr 1, 20 7:31 pm  · 
Non Sequitur

I’d love to see the reaction of the architect when this person’s first request is not about design but about a ICF building.


I've seen two ICF buildings first hand in the architectural wild. The first was a house a guy built down the street from my childhood home. IIRC, he designed it himself, stacked the forms himself, and helped his brother-in-law who was a concrete subcontractor pour the concrete. Then it got interesting doing all the other work and I think he said something about never wanting to do it again. It turned out ok in the end though. 

The other was a movie theater ... the perfect windowless box.


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