Architecture projects to see in and around Chicago


Hey guys. I’m European and I’m going to Chicago for a week this summer. Do you have any recommendations of architectural projects I need to see while I’m there. There is of course the obligatory Frank L wright houses, and I might be renting a car a drive down to Kansas  City and see Steven Holls Nelson Atkins Museum of Art. 

Your answer is appreciated.

Feb 15, 20 2:21 pm
drums please, Fab?

If you're driving to K.C. check out the Farnsworth House in (plain old) Plano.  It's sort of on the way just a bit West of Chicago.  You need a reservation to see it, though, so don't just stop by and expect to get in.

Chicago's a great city!  This is a bit touristy but I enjoyed the river boat architectural tour, you get some nice history and see a lot of stuff from the calm of the river.

Feb 15, 20 3:17 pm  · 

Monadnock, Reliance, Carson Pririe Scott, Macy's, Dearborn Station, MTCC, Aqua, Eleanor Boathouse, Crown Hall, Millennium Park, Sears, Hancock, Fischer Building Apartments, Poetry Foundation, Chinatown Library, there's just so many....

Feb 17, 20 5:35 pm  · 

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