How to make my portfolio smaller


Hi everyone,

I know this is a silly question, but I really need to save my digital portfolio as a smaller pdf.  It is currently at 30,500 KB.  What is a reasonable size to send to firms when looking for a job?  I had the file in Indesign, and I have tried making the links smaller (i.e. saving renders as smaller image files, etc). but it is still way too big.  Please help!

Jan 21, 20 10:37 pm

When you export out of Indesign, check your export settings. You should be able to reduce the size at that point. Have you used the "Reduce File Size" in Adobe Acrobat? That should help too. 

You could also export the PDF pages as individual JPEGs, then recombine the JPEG sheets into one file. That can reduce the file size as well.

If none of that works, get it as small as possible, even if it has poor quality. In your email to the firm, let them know that a larger file is available for download from a box site and give them a link to a secure box account.  

Jan 21, 20 11:24 pm

+1 for the acrobat method. I reduced mine from 14MB to around 4MB


Also, make sure to flatten your photoshop files (save a copy of the layered one) and then export to PDF/PNG/JPEG etc... seems to help



Export your indesign file as a medium sized png. first, and then export it as a pdf. You can reduce a 30mb file to a 3-4 mb file without compensating the quality too much. 
Hope this helps!

Jan 22, 20 3:46 am


2) Print PDF to PDF

3) Change embedded vectors to images

Jan 22, 20 11:21 am
First, try printing to pdf out of indesign rather than exporting.

How many pages is your portfolio? Half the time people ask these questions they are trying to compress a 90 page pdf to 10 mb, which will never work well hahah
Jan 22, 20 11:24 am

small is cool but 4" x 4" is the smallest that I would recommend

Jan 22, 20 2:18 pm

Put "Mirco P..." on the front and "..ortfolio" on the back.


Thank you for all the suggestions everyone! I will try these out.  My portfolio is about twenty pages, 8.5" x 11".

Jan 23, 20 3:18 pm

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