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Hi guys! I'm a bit struggling about the amount of pages of my portfolio. I graduated a couple of years ago but started my first internship in 2016  and working since then. 

I choose 11 projects and i'm thinking about doing two different portfolios, a long one (about 90 pages) and a short one using one or two spreads per project (i hope no more than 30 pages). My plan is to send the short portfolio via email and paste on the first page the issuu link of the long version, just in case... Am I doing the right thing? I will apply all over the world, mainly Milan, Singapore, HK, Canada and Australia.

Another thing:

do you think that's ok if I mainly put projects done in this period? i mean i worked in china where from the beginning i were the either the chief designer (and the guy doing the biggest amount of work) or at least the right hand of the director. Like 90% of the pictures plans diagrams etc inside are done by myself so.... Apart from that I will just put also put some freelance stuff, my master thesis and an university project related to the thesis.

Oct 7, 19 5:43 pm
Non Sequitur

30 pages is long. 90 pages is stupid. 

Hopefully there is good design process  in that folio and not just final renderings. 

Oct 7, 19 6:53 pm
Chad Miller

Personally I commit around 6-8 relevant projects with each project being 2 pages.  My teaser page that is sent along with my CVS is only three pages, showing my process, renderings, and finished project.  

Oct 7, 19 7:12 pm

Short portfolio should be short as others say - 10-20 pages at most and formatted for email.

My "long" portfolio is over 400 pages. Each project is explored in depth with sketches, models, renderings, construction and final photos and excerpts from documents. This is 10 years of professional experience. Each project is essentially a complete story. I only bring this to interviews in person. 

Do what works for you and what is authentic to your process.

Oct 7, 19 7:34 pm
Chad Miller

Damn, I've been practicing for 12 years and my portfolio is only 26 or so pages. I feel like a failure compared to your mighty 400 pages! ;)


I always envy people who keep every newspaper they've ever had.

You bring almost half a ream of paper (assuming it is printed double-sided) to interviews!?! I have project manuals that are smaller than that where I'm lucky if the GC uses it as a coaster for their coffee each morning. I would love to see the look on the interviewer's face when you plunk that thing down on the table.


It's printed and bound like a monograph and it never fails to stop the convo when I plunk it down. A bit ridiculous no doubt but even putting it together initially like 2 years ago helped to clarify what I was doing and where I was going with my career.


thank you guys for the reply, so I'll try to squeeze everything and make around 20 pages or less selecting 8 projects! 

Oct 8, 19 6:28 am

6-8 projects - you probably won't have time to talk about each, but some can be more of a flip through.  I try to condense to under 4 pages for each project and have an appendix of sketches/collages that show how I sometimes explore outside day-to-day work.

Oct 10, 19 12:42 pm

Interesting topic. I have read online that most online applications require a cv, cover letter, and sample portfolio - hard to catch if a sample portfolio means 2 to 5 pages max. including renders, plans, and diagrams, of some of your favorite projects - or at least that's what I understand. Any comments on this?

Oct 11, 19 9:39 pm

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