NCARB is slow.


I recently completed AXP and all six ARE's. Now I'm just waiting for NCARB to review my record and release it to my state of licensure. How long does this typically take? They seem to be taking their sweet a** time.

Oct 4, 19 1:18 pm


Mine took about 6 weeks between NCARB saying I was done and when I got some kind of customer support notification saying they were finally reviewing the record and would be sending it to my state licensing board. For some reason I got another notification almost 2 weeks later saying the same thing. I then finally got the notification from my state licensing board saying I was granted my license the next day. 

All told, from finding out I passed that last exam to getting the notification from my licensing board, it took almost 8 weeks for me. I was in the first big group to finish with the new exams, which would have meant there were (potentially) a lot of us needing this review to happen at the same time. So it could have been longer for me ... I don't really know though. Maybe they were expecting this and staffed up? Nah, I doubt it ... it's NCARB afterall.

Make sure you do everything you need to do for your application with your licensing board (paperwork, additional testing, fees, etc.) so that once they get your NCARB record they can just close it out and issue your license.

Oct 4, 19 2:21 pm

NCARB's policy is 30 BUSINESS days to review your record, verify tests, yadda yadda. They then turn it over to the state, which upon review, will most likely ask you to resubmit various forms so that the state records match the NCARB records. While NCARB does its thing, I'd try to anticipate whatever the state will most likely require.

All in all, took about 8 weeks from final ARE pass to email from state (NYS) with my license number.

Oct 4, 19 2:46 pm

30 business days checks out for me ... looking at the calendar it was exactly 30 between ARE pass and that first support notification saying they'd send it to the state. That notification stated 7-10 business days to transmit the electronic record from my receipt of that email. 7 business days later they sent the second notification apparently to confirm it was transmitted.


Yea, I think they very strictly stick to their word. Confusion sets in with the business vs. regular days thing. For me, the review period happened over the holidays, so timing was all out of whack. All in all, once I was informed of NCARB's timing policy, I had no complaints. I was gearing up for a tussle with NYS, but to my surprise, they were pleasant and timely.


9 months for me, multiple phone calls. But they assured me at each step of the way that this was an abnormal situation and my file had just fallen through the cracks through no fault of anyone :(

Oct 4, 19 4:09 pm

Its always no fault of anyone. Took 6 months before they would even let me start testing due to NYS additional checks.


To reinforce my place in the Old Fart category per another recent thread: back when I applied to test NCARB was charging a "rush fee" of $400 to review an IDP record within a YEAR.  I'm not being facetious.
I was also around for the secret-cut-score study during which they refused to release test results for 6 months and they sent a letter to all state boards directing them to lie about it. 
When we finally got licensed it routinely took another 6 months to a year to get NCARB-certified, even with a 100% standard application. I understand they've got that step down to the break-neck pace of 4 to 6 weeks these days.  Be grateful young whippersnappers.

Oct 4, 19 4:50 pm

It took me a year just to establish a record with them. They cashed my check right away though.

Not for nothing, thank you for your collective complaining about the cut score process back then. This last time around it wasn't exactly a smooth process, but at least they were transparent about it and tried to incentivize participation so it could potentially be resolved quickly.


2 months for NCARB to review. 4 additional months to apply for initial license through my state.

When I got a reciprocal license elsewhere it took about 1 week.

Oct 4, 19 5:28 pm
Chad Miller

About 8 weeks for me. 

Oct 7, 19 1:38 pm

Thanks for the responses! I'm around the six week mark so I guess I'll give it a little more time.

Oct 7, 19 3:27 pm
Chad Miller

You get a big envelope with a pretty certificate inside. Also a note that you can now be sued. :)

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