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1. The infamous 'Napkin sketch' thread

2. Toilet on a balcony (award for best emerging talent) 

3. CAD on a plane (look it up) 

Jul 18, 19 7:16 pm

minimal details

Jul 18, 19 7:28 pm

Love this one.

Non Sequitur

the best threads eventually disappear once the op blows up and gets it shut down. 

A good one was the “show me your caulk”. 

Jul 18, 19 7:28 pm

Show us your caulk! needs to get resurrected. 

CPBD exam specifications under review by NCBDC should never be left off of a top threads list. 

Jul 18, 19 7:50 pm
Non Sequitur

Some of my pics don’t show in the caulk thread. Sad face.

Non Sequitur

I won't admit how much time I've just spent re-reading a small sample from the CPBD discussion.


Balkin threads don't count.

Well that's quite a limiting constraint. Can you narrow that down to pre-ban Balkins or post-ban Balkins? Just threads that he started, or all threads that he contributes to?

The one with suri-whatever-his-name-was pretty good.

Jul 19, 19 4:56 pm

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