Can you identify this building material?



I'm an author working on a short story and am trying to describe the building where a character used to live. It has panels like in the attached photograph. What would you call panels such as these and what are they made from? Vinyl?



Nov 23, 18 7:42 pm
Non Sequitur

it’s a shitty picture but could be backpainted glass cladding in line with the aluminum window frames. 

Nov 24, 18 12:22 am

Just to be pedantic, if it were glass it would be 'ceramic coated spandrel glass'. 'Backpainted glass' is also a thing but the process is only appropriate for interior applications.

Non Sequitur

We've done both... and have had some quality issues with the ceramic frit products recently... but yes, BP is typically interior only.

We now only specify opaci-coat 300 (50/50 silicone & water base coating) for "back-painted" glass cladding.


Ah, I always forget you guys need to source everything from Canadian Tire eh? Spray applied silicone is probably easier than heat fused ceramic coating if everything is shop assembled in an igloo.

Non Sequitur

Conditions are perfect in igloos.


You're the author so change the material to anything you want it to be.

Nov 24, 18 5:04 am

design the whole building and then just mention what it's made of

Nov 24, 18 9:39 pm

I would guess some sort of aluminum panel. They are sometimes called ACM for aluminum composite panel, meaning they have some type of insulation beyond.

Nov 26, 18 12:06 pm

grass and leaves

Nov 26, 18 12:14 pm

If it's a fairly recent building, it's probably something similar to a MAPES panel. 

If it's an older building, Transite panels. 

Nov 27, 18 2:11 pm

seems like spandrel glass for me. Not quiet sure if they are glass or not. Maybe EIFS, if not glass.

Nov 27, 18 5:26 pm
Non Sequitur

Yes, I also often confuse stucco with glass.

You could generically call it "gridded metal panels". 

Nov 27, 18 6:19 pm

metal or aluminum  profile house?

Dec 12, 18 3:46 am

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