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Hi guys. In my school I am assigned to do working drawing of a 2 storey bungalow. Lecturer recommends students to use AutoCad but I'm more comfortable working on Revit. I told lecturer about revit but he said better use autocad. I dont know if there is any problem doing working drawing on Revit. 

Please share your opinions regarding this matter and the reason. Thank you.

Aug 17, 18 6:13 am

If you are more comfortable using Revit then go for it. You'd have a far better advantage over your classmates. I don't see any problem using Revit for construction details, in fact that is the way it's done in the industry, i don't know why your lecturer prefers autocad for such tasks. 

Aug 17, 18 6:53 am

For Design Studio's Projects, I have shown all construction details on Revit till now(Last Semester running) as I have done whole projects over there. Now I have to brush up everything about AutoCAD as last time I used it was 2 years ago and I don't have that fast working flow there now. Lets see what lecturer say . Right now working on AutoCAD and trying to make myself comfortable in every software. Actually that's how everyone should be, learning to accept challenges haha. Anyways Thanks for your reply.


Just use whatever program you want. It shouldn't matter what program you use but what you do with it. You could even make your drawings by hand.

Aug 17, 18 7:00 am

Noted. Thanks

Non Sequitur
Yeah, had the prof asked for hand drawings and you were arguing revit, that’s a different story and in that case, the prof would be correct. We do full projects in either CAD or BIM depending on the client and consultants so details are no biggie.

With that said, I see way to many junior staff enter the work environment where they only know revit (and by know, I mean know poorly because of lack of real experience). I see them do simple auto cad tasks in revit instead because they just “don’t work in CAD”. These people have a very hard time adapting to project demands.
Aug 17, 18 7:40 am

Maybe that's why the prof is pushing Autocad.


Prof didn't ask for manual drawing. I am trying to do it AutoCAD.

Bungalows are single story, maybe with an attic. 

Blow their minds by doing hand drawings that look like CAD.

Aug 17, 18 7:48 am
Non Sequitur

2-storey bungalow... good one. That one just passed right by me.


What do you call it when people blow off the top of existing bungalows to add a second story. In Atlanta, we do a bunch of those and a bunch of bungalows where we put roughly half a second floor on and retain the front roof. We call the ladder versions "camels" and I've been calling the former "rip-offs" because we rip off the roof to add the second floor, but also.... anyway, I like the name. I just haven't got anyone to buy into it yet.

I think Bungalow is in reference to a style similar to arts and crafts but for smallish single family homes with pitched roof, some symmetry and somewhat rustic details such as eve brackets and tapered wood columns.


I'll try for that. Thanks


This is not a question of software or results.  Its a question of attitude.

Aug 17, 18 8:58 pm

Revit.  Why are we wasting time in CAD still?  How old is this lecturer? 

Did he share with you why he thinks Autocad is better?

Aug 21, 18 11:02 pm

That lecturer is outdated and age is around 50 or 60.

He said that working on revit is just time wasting time and autocad is faster as everything is 2D. Maybe the lecturer thinks Revit is just for 3D haha. 

But I have shown him my work which I did on revit but he didn't understand it was not done by autocad and didn't say anything haha.

Aug 22, 18 12:59 am

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