Architects learn new things everyday

Tinbeary There there

January symbolizes a gateway, a transition from the past and progression to the future. As architects, we should be learning new things everyday. So in the spirit of growth and change, please share a response to the question, "What did you learn today?" Should be architecture related but that can be very loosely defined and even unjustified. Just for fun. Thanks.

Jan 5, 18 1:25 pm

Love this thread idea.

I continue to learn simple Revit improvements every day. By the end of the year I intend to be fluent!

On a larger, more philosophical level, I started the new Reinier de Graaf book last night, so I will be learning lots of interesting things from it, I'm sure.

Jan 5, 18 1:32 pm
wurdan freo

I misread your second paragraph as "I continue to learn simple revit movements"... envisioning sun salutations above a keyboard...:)

Today, I learned that the Longaberger Building is clad with EIFS.

Jan 5, 18 1:34 pm
wurdan freo

Awesome... does that mean its an ice chest now? Pack it with beer.

Non Sequitur

I'm teaching myself 3DS Max.  Although I can use it and am fluent in another half-dozen modeling softwares, I'm learning it from the perspective of supervisor, not modeler.

Jan 5, 18 2:12 pm
Tinbeary There there

I learned about LED high bay lights. And "corn lights", had not heard of them before. 

Jan 5, 18 2:16 pm
Tinbeary There there

corn lights look really stupid by the way.

wurdan freo

I learned that I can't be in two different places at the same time.... or can I?  Well quantum physics... what say ye?

Jan 5, 18 3:50 pm

I just learned that the new 3.8M house is a go! Next 18 months are booked.

Jan 5, 18 4:00 pm

I learned today that there are architects out there that prefer McDonalds restaurant architecture over Apple Store designs.

Jan 5, 18 4:02 pm

Old McDonalds 80s McDonalds or the new generic strip mall McDonalds?

I (merely designer) learned there are too many apps charging me monthly fees.

Jan 5, 18 4:09 pm
wurdan freo

Glad to see you've finally been beaten into submission.... designer....

I'm going to add it as a tag line on my cards, the good news, I cut my autoCAD costs by 73%.

wurdan freo

If only my student loans were also discounted by 73%

they should be

Plattenbauer Pauly

i listed the active jobs today and then tried to figure out why i was behind abd why i keep over promising and under delivering.  Put it in excel then listed priority for the weekend.  13 priority and 49 total....listen some thing onky take 15 minutes to move forward but if you do 13 that average 20 hours it 3 days before you knock that 15 minute one out....try explaining that too clients.....i learned i need to under promise and over deliver and a 15 minute tadk may tak 3 days to get to it!

Jan 5, 18 7:05 pm

I learned a lot in grad school, but under promise and over deliver was the biggest takeaway by far, across all subjects of study.

Plattenbauer Pauly

I heard it a thousand times but never under delivered or understood the gravity od the statement....but it takes a pocket book hit to feel hit. Reputation is all you have in this business (internet is irrelevant).

Tinbeary There there

Nothing takes 15 minutes.

Plattenbauer Pauly

An email does. Paperwork does. Not drawings or design.

Plattenbauer Pauly

Oh...a zoning analysis...get like 3 calls a week...

Tinbeary There there

How much do you charge for a zoning analysis that can be done in 15 minutes? Sounds like you should be making money....

Plattenbauer Pauly

free for repeat clients, because they become jobs eventually...

Tinbeary There there

Oh, you are talking about a quick code look up, not a drawing, etc.

Tinbeary There there

The color blue makes people have more alpha brain waves.

Jan 6, 18 3:35 pm

Blue houses make me confused.

Tinbeary There there

Me too. I don't like blue except in really small amounts.


I learned today that I should always pee before my appointments.  

Jan 6, 18 3:43 pm

I also learned never to wear loafers to a mountainside site. Sprained ankle and almost pissed myself :)


I'm sensing a theme here, jla-x...

Plattenbauer Pauly

loafers are sexy


I learned today that I'm compared to a cannibal.

Jan 6, 18 6:05 pm

The depths to which my hate for architects, never seems to find bottom.

Concrete Pipes

Jan 6, 18 7:11 pm

The access stair takes up more space than the tube. And the Japanese did this decades ago with much smaller compartments.


My trolling of White Nationalist Architecture Porn gives me great pleasures, in my nether regions.

Jan 6, 18 7:13 pm
Plattenbauer Pauly

I just learned that exists. Sorry can't say anything positive on this.


this internet thing is getting out of hand fast.

Here is what I learned yesterday:

Most of the world's aluminum is made outside the US. But even though the automotive and building industries use most of the aluminum that comes into the US, they aren't the biggest purchasers of it. Who buys 90% of the aluminum that gets imported into the US? Goldman Sachs.

Jan 11, 18 7:13 am

that would be who sells 90% of the aluminum to the US, right?

Tinbeary There there

I learned that trying to calculate lighting levels by hand is pretty futile.

Jan 11, 18 10:32 am
Tinbeary There there

I already knew that, just had to remind myself by trying to do it.

Plattenbauer Pauly

can't find it, but cooper lighting had an online calc I used to design a space

Tinbeary There there

Oh cool. I'll see if I can find it. Thank you.

Plattenbauer Pauly

They may have taken offline. used it do determine a Halo light install

I've known this to be true, but was reminded of it today, so not really something new that I learned but wanted to share anyway ... architects will sit through any presentation for an hour if you bring them lunch and continuing ed credit.

Jan 11, 18 1:12 pm

this would change immediately if no cell phone usage was allowed


I just swoop in before or after and steal some food and leave. I'm busy. They get my business card in return. That's business.

Today I learned (for like the third time because somehow this fact won’t stick in my head although today I thought of a mnemonic device to help) that if you want good leather you want *full grain* not top grain.
Jan 11, 18 9:27 pm
Tinbeary There there

What mnemonic did you come up with?

Jan 11, 18 9:36 pm

Edelman Leather gave the presentation, and they definitely have the highest quality leather. So I think abcdEFG---> EdelmanFullgrainGood


Ha, we just had that one last week. They must be blitzing the midwest.


Both industrial designers and architects try to develop the merchandise and structures, each and every day. As leaders and participants in the plan procedure, architects will have to understand and work collaboratively with different disciplines. An industrial architect may design a completely new building or he or she might draw up plans for a big remodeling project. So they have to learn new disciplines of doing new project along with learning ability.

Jan 11, 18 11:21 pm

I learned that even though I earn 2x what my soon to be ex-wife does, apparently she's entitled to half our shit. 

Today sucked. Tomorrow's going to suck too.  

Jan 11, 18 11:22 pm

Hang in there, bro.

Do you know why divorce is so expensive? It's worth it.


Haha I'll keep that in mind

Plattenbauer Pauly

I already theatened if a divorce would happen i would go bankrupt on purposes and live in the mountains and "they"can come find me...but not getting divorced. Good luck man

Tinbeary There there

I read a bunch about heuristics over the weekend.

Jan 15, 18 11:21 am

today I learned that running everyday just makes me eat more.  Still 170 :(

Jan 15, 18 12:13 pm

But fit, I hope.

wurdan freo

today i learned that matching a replacement hardwood floor board to a custom stain color is difficult.... dammit...

Jan 15, 18 3:37 pm

sand the whole thing down to the original wood.


i just learned about half a million bands covered radiohead's creep.  even prince.

Jan 15, 18 8:23 pm
Plattenbauer Pauly

as part of a showcase unit - even the Toll Brother's are doing craft beer these days (someone actually made bottles with "Toll Brothers Craft Beer" labels and staged them accordingly, one flavour had rasperry). 

Jan 15, 18 8:55 pm

I learned that such a thing as an intake/exhaust combo pipe exists.  Still stumped by it actually.

Jan 15, 18 11:14 pm
Tinbeary There there

Heat exchangers? They are great.

Xenakis's comment has been hidden
I just want to start taking my A.R.E.s

My co-workers treat like I'm some dumb Dotard Revit modeler - here go do sheet list -oh you mean shit list
My other goal is to get people to respect me - I'm no BIM nigger
Jan 16, 18 12:39 am

Yeah, I hope you get through the ARE soon so you can say.... "I'm the ARCHITECT, yo my bitches". :-)

Plattenbauer Pauly

Xenakis based on your constant defense of what you think you are as an architect your colleagues responses and requests above are appropriate. Getting your license will not change this.

Tinbeary There there

good for you, X, do it.


People will easier respect you if you respect yourself, if the AREs help you with that, Godspeed


But X do you have to use those exact words to describe your predicaments?

Plattenbauer Pauly

Random, X is probably a millenial or trying to be a millenial. I have witnessed kids of all colors drop that word like "dude" or "bro". Sometimes 2 white guys (usually immigrants) talk to each other like that and then i quickly look around the subway car....rap music

Plattenbauer Pauly

Although X uses the word here like old people wouls from a more racist time.


Millennial? I thought he's 60 something, explains your last comment.

I learned that the tongue in T&G interior siding should always go up, and if it doesn't appear to do so in every single detail drawing your carpenter might think you are useless.

Jan 22, 18 4:56 pm

oooh good one!!


We don't even show that level of detail anymore.

Pluto has mountains.

Jan 23, 18 10:05 pm
wurdan freo

And... it's not a planet... wtf... ok... i guess it is smaller than the moon...stupid dwarf planet...

Plattenbauer Pauly

Does it even exist anymore?

it would take 9 years to go and see

Plattenbauer Pauly

my 9 year old daughter makes a great assistant.  Her note taking was accurate to the key points, unbelievable actually.  First meeting she remembered most of it and hit all the key items. Memorized the measurements the GC took for the proposed beam location.  Second meeting she jotted down the clients entire program.  Third meeting she started asking questions and understanding what I do, pretty much...  Took her only 2 hours, gave her $10, she's going to open a bank account now.  Dad was very proud, I sent my office her notes and said that's the bar now for note taking...

wondering, since I'm her dad, she just knew when something important was being discussed.  why would a 9 year old know the difference between key notes on foundation condtions and just talk?

Jan 23, 18 10:50 pm

Careful with those compliments... she may ask for a raise :o]

Plattenbauer Pauly

I am sure her mother will advise and then she will unionize with her sister and all profits (if any) will go to them...

Tinbeary There there

I first started working for my dad at age 8. Earned $300-400 in a year which is a lot for a kid. And if profits already go to them, might as well get some work out of them too...

Plattenbauer Pauly

Good point.

Tinbeary There there

There's tax breaks in it too. Google it. It's a good idea. And when she's 19, she'll have 10 years of work experience when many of her peers have none. Congrats on getting an assistant!


Careful.... careful... if she's a functioning as a bona fide employee, you might have to pay her accordingly as an employee per Federal & State Labor laws. Per U.S. FLSA it's okay but check with State. I suspect it will be okay given the role and type of business and that it is owned by her parents (you). However, FLSA sets minimum wage to $4.25 for people under 20 years old for first 90 consecutive days. You will also need to check your state. If she is technically of employment for more than 90 calendar days.... that doesn't mean she has to work for 90 days but means 90 consecutive days from when you the first meeting she did work for you and your business. 

After that, she maybe entitle minimum wage but with restrictions on number of hours a day and hours a week. Pay attention to that and you should be okay. You might not be able to just pay her $5 an hour. You might want to bump that to at least minimum wage level pay for your state before too long. The small number of hours shouldn't be too hard to budget. 

Given she is under a certain age, you can A) set her up with a bank account from which you will have control and oversight over until she is old enough & mature enough, B) pay her wages to that account. It is not yours to use for yourself but you can limit how much she gets into her hands so she doesn't just go on a spending spree. 

At this point, I don't see a problem.

Tinbeary There there

I learned about unobtainuim and wishalloy. And learned to make spring rolls.

Jan 24, 18 1:37 am
Tinbeary There there

And I learned that traffic jams inside parking garages (at the hospital)  are particularly unpleasant.

Jan 24, 18 1:48 am
Non Sequitur

I learn that one of my favorite brew-restaurants does not make a good dark 10.5% brew.  Sad times.

Jan 24, 18 8:30 am
Plattenbauer Pauly

lets keep the positive threads going

Jan 24, 18 7:23 pm

I learnt many western countries (US, Canada, European countries etc) were shipping their toxic garbage to China by the boat loads while calling the country out on their pollution. China banned taking in foreign garbage this year xD

Jan 24, 18 8:31 pm

Which puts "recycling" in the dumpster. No money for scrap / waste. No production here and they won't take it there so ...

exciting times

I learned our hot water heater is 20 years old and has decided to leave us.

Jan 25, 18 1:51 pm

The plumber put in a heat exchanger that uses the heat from the radiant floor boiler to heat the water now. Fancy.

I learned someone changed the PW for the VM. Fortunately the architect who left a msg 3 weeks ago has a sense of humor.

Jan 25, 18 5:52 pm

I learned Rick has a brother studying welding

I also learned that some consultants actually are open to constructive criticism despite recent experience otherwise. I was gearing up for a battle over some markups they were questioning, but once I explained the situation they said, “Ok, no problem.” I was expecting a response like I’ve been getting from another consultant I’ve been dealing with for the last month or so. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor I was so shocked by the response. 

Jan 26, 18 9:00 pm

I learned that artist is the perfect career choice for a manic depressive.

Jan 26, 18 9:04 pm
I learned that if you use the wrong kind of mastic to hang a mirror, over time it will eat through the silver on the back and show up as giant splotches in the mirror. Happily this is in a renovation job so it's something a contractor did wrong 20 years ago, not my GC.
Jan 26, 18 9:06 pm


 Something else about mirrors many designers/architects don't know is that it isn't recommended to use mastic alone to hang a mirror. GANA recommends you use something to support the weight of the mirror (like bottom clips, J-channel, or countertop) and something to prevent the top of the mirror from pulling away from the wall (like clips, channel, etc.) ... I learned this a number of years ago.

Wow, very valuable sharing, thanks you guys!

Tinbeary There there

While we are on mirrors... I often notice that mirrors reflect right to the urinals in men's rooms if you peek through when the door opens. Just realized that is going to sound perverted instead of architectural...

Tinbeary There there

I learned that for the low, low fee of $300, NCARB offers test candidates the chance to review the results of failed tests. I've never heard of this but apparently it isn't new. Doesn't that violate the protocol about not divulging what is on the test? What is to stop someone from giving or selling the printout of the test results to someone else to study? 

Jan 27, 18 11:29 am

Don't the candidates sign a promise not to's that honor system thing?


Do you have a source you could share? My understanding of the failed exam review is that someone at NCARB reviews your exam to see if you really failed, not that you personally get to review your or anyone else’s failed test.

Tinbeary There there

I read it on the NCARB ARE forums, it was said by an NCARB staff member.

I think you're both describing the two different options; score verification, and review and challenge. You can pay $100 to have NCARB verify your score if you think it might have been scored incorrectly. This is where NCARB reviews your test and will correct your score if it was incorrect. If so, they will refund you the $100. NCARB has stated that no score has been overturned in the past nine years. 

The other option is to review and challenge your score. This is only allowable if your jurisdiction allows it. NCARB charges $300, and your jurisdiction may charge you a fee as well. You can only review the questions you answered incorrectly. More info in the ARE Guidelines, pages 24-25.

I learned there is something called Fiverr

Jan 27, 18 3:01 pm

Literally LOL'd, David. Well-played.


This is what I learned about that kitchen island thread:

Jan 27, 18 8:15 pm

Looks like a Ph.D in Architecture

Add $15 and you'll equal the value of the kitchen island.




I hate the feel of wooden toilet seats, it's always like someone was just in there before you.



I learned that sometimes if you let people see the stupidity in their own excuses it works better than if I point it out to them. The trick is asking probing questions so they are forced to explain their excuses. Eventually, you'll get to the point where they realize their excuse is BS, and either change the subject, or admit they were wrong. 

Feb 12, 18 4:04 pm
Tinbeary There there

My most often misspelled words while typing are buidling, construciton, and architetcure.

Feb 13, 18 12:02 pm

I learned about the Pareto distribution... It's in every other motivational speech. Mind you, I never watch these but people just love to make you watch those.

Feb 15, 18 12:43 am
Plattenbauer Pauly

i learned that the US government discovered that the Russians finally figured out how to troll the internet 20 years after I did it as a teenager while being completely unaware of the term troll. I think i need to diagram this and write a book abiut the intener

Feb 16, 18 7:06 pm

I learned the primary difference between fire rated panic hardware and panic hardware is in the dogging. Then I learned if you google "dogging," there is no mention of door hardware in the first page of search results. curious.

Feb 16, 18 7:44 pm
Plattenbauer Pauly

Speaking of dogs, mine just killed a skunk and the neighborhood stinks.....try "cats"in framing btw


lots and lots of tomato sauce will help with your dog- good luck! that's the worst!

Plattenbauer Pauly

So wife was telling me a story. In her youth her and her friends were blazing (pot) and skunk got their dog at the time. They had some trippy moments washing the dog in tomato sauce in the tub...the smell doesnt stink its just intense...

Tinbeary There there

It doesn't stink its just intense hee hee hee what?

Plattenbauer Pauly

The skunk jokes were a comin'...but yeah apparently they were not sure they smelled skunk because of all the skunk weed they were smokin so a sober friend had to come over....

Tinbeary There there

Lordy! I mean, I get it.

Plattenbauer Pauly

Unless you were smoking

OMG I imagine "dogging" search results are similar to when you search "stud size".

Tinbeary There there

Please help keep the innocent innocent. I didn't know the term dogging till now.

I relearned that art dealers are worse than car dealers and real estate brokers combined.

Feb 16, 18 10:09 pm

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