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Does anyone know what the State of New York accepts as continuing education hours? I finished about 7 classes on line using AEC Daily and am not sure these would be acceptable. My 36 hours are due in August. Thanks!

Nov 30, 17 8:05 pm

I would guess the State of New York might know. 

Nov 30, 17 8:35 pm
Positive Pete

18 in person (basically) and 18 online and it is indeed vary clearly outlined on the website

Nov 30, 17 8:37 pm
Non Sequitur

is that per year?

Positive Pete

every 3 years

In NY I limit my practice to going to Trump Tower and writing things. No CEU required.

Nov 30, 17 8:49 pm

Thanks, guys. Christopher- could you send me a link to the website? I couldn't find this information on it. Thank you!

Dec 1, 17 8:15 am

And you are licensed, how?

Which website are you looking at? The one I found was pretty clear. It even tells you which sponsors (providers) are approved by the state, and what the acceptable course subject matter needs to be.

36 hours seems excessive, like rubbing noses in it

Dec 1, 17 12:14 pm

is California really just 5hrs of ADA every 2 yrs?

Tinbeary There there


I'm licensed in NV. NV requires 8 hours in HSW.

Tinbeary There there

36 hours does seem excessive.


DC, i thought you were in Cali, sorry about that. Thx Tinbeary. OR is 24 hours of CE every 2yrs

My body is in Cali, my CEU requirement is in NV. It is a disembodied thing. Cali doesn't require a license for the scope of services comparable to my NV license. (My first question to Cali upon moving to Cali)


David is not a licensed architect as much as he like to pretend by saying “I’m licensed.”

In Nevada, where I am licensed, there are three license types.

Architect. Residential Designer. Interior Designer.

For ten years now, I maintain that license. (asshole)


I must have been missing this stuff but anyway, after obtaining CPBD status, I'll have the lovely 8 CE credits a year. It's a little more relaxed and flexible than the state licensing boards but nonetheless a requirement for renewal. I will concur with proto on the Oregon continuing education requirement since they switched over to renewal cycles every other year from the annual renewal. archi_dude, I understand you wrote that awhile ago this last month. Enough, man. Residential Designer license in Nevada is state issued licensed just as it is for licensed architects. Nevada happens to have a licensed residential designer program like California used to have a registered building designer license. California discontinued the licensing but the title "registered building designer" is still regulated in California. Nevada continues to have a licensing program so give it a rest.

NY requires 36 hours every three years ... 12 per year average which seems to be pretty standard for most jurisdictions I'm familiar with. At least half must be from "courses of learning," and two-thirds must be HSW. 

Dec 1, 17 4:40 pm
Non Sequitur

I have 72hr requirements on 2y cycles.



72 hours... not bad.


Where's these 72 hours required over a two year cycle? Not a U.S. jurisdiction requirement, it seems. It is probably a factor of being licensed in multiple states, each with varied requirements where you use all the CEUs used for one state with another. It isn't terribly hard to do. I usually spend far more hours in classes over the years than I would ever use in CEUs in a year. There is no excuse for why someone shouldn't be able to get their CEUs in.

Non Sequitur

Ricky, that 72 hour is the Canadian requirement.


Rick also some of us have overlapping requirements for multiple states, and for AIA, LEED specialties, CSI, ICC, PMI, etc. Since not all credits satisfy the particular requirements of all of these states/organizations/credentials, I end up with far more credits per year than any one of these things requires on its own. Last year I had close to 100. This year isn't done yet, but it will be close to the same.


Thanks N.S.


FormerlyUnknown, understandable. Still doable. After all, in school, you usually spend maybe 40+ hours a week dedicated to the classes and homework. Even 100 hours a year of CEU isn't entirely hard. Costly, perhaps. Able to get them done in a year, yeah. Still a sizable amount of time to spend in addition to your day to day work as an employee or running a business.


Canada licensing is established by the provinces so it depends on the provinces. Ontario.... it's like 70 hours. There is more than one province and some can be up to 72 hours over two years. So it's usually good. I don't really see the problem some have in getting the hours unless they are being lazy.

I can do 5 more hours of CEU from my house drinking beers or I can drive to Reno and sit all day in a room. Tough call.

Dec 1, 17 7:51 pm
Positive Pete

link here (btw I did the 36 in like 2months, in short stupid on my behalf, considering I'm running an upstart office and every minute counts)

(the website always takes a while to load on my computer)

Dec 1, 17 9:57 pm

Is there a way to remove a person beyond just ignore? Can Archinect remove archi_dude since he/she/it routinely insults me?

Dec 1, 17 10:07 pm

20 yrs ago I took the ARE in California. I passed 7 of 9 sections. Subsequent to that ARE eliminated 2 of the (flawed) sections. Then California changed the rules to initiate a 5 yr rolling clock. Then California asked I initiate an NCARB file. I refuse.

Dec 2, 17 10:24 am

Oh Dave...where art thou' s humor gone?

Life's too short to get worked up over an anonymous internet profile. Doesn't matter if you're licensed or not, what matters is whether you know your shit inside out, on site or not.

And if some young punk tried to shove his license in your face, take him to school with your knowledge.

Dec 2, 17 3:59 pm

 my sense of humor is reserved for non assholes


Well then...welcome to the internet/2017-18.

Believe it or not I am drafting a floor plan from 1962. I would like to point out the importance of indicating if one's dimensions are from ff or edge of stud. This seems to be unclear to Mr Lieberman in 1962.


Posting less often reduces the risk of being insulted.

And posting far less often greatly reduces that risk.

Dec 2, 17 4:32 pm

So does eliminating annon accounts

I still have 5 CEUs to go. It is looking like a trip to RENO.

Dec 3, 17 2:46 pm

4 CEU to go. Nail Biter.

Dec 11, 17 11:23 am

Nevada accepts practically anything for continuing ed - as long as it grants AIA HSW's you should be good.  Do 4 online read-the-article-take-the-multiple-choice-quiz credits and you'll be done in less than an hour:  Nevada counts those as fulfilling the "structured setting" requirement.  No need to travel. 

Also Nevada only requires 8 units (less than any other state that has a continuing ed requirement) AND you can carry units over from the previous renewal period if you had extras.  How much easier could it get?

New York is a different story - they snag too many people on the in-person thing.

Dec 11, 17 4:23 pm

Yes, but NYC has um, uh, well "density" oh and mass transit. So two things.

When I read the online CEU I keep falling asleep.

Right after the second or third sentence when I realize I will never need or use any of this information.

I only go to NYC to protest the fake president

I should get partial credit for falling asleep each time because that is a natural response to the content


Fake prez, real architect. Oh, wait....

I hope the drinking 12 diet cokes per day works out for him


I didn't think anyone read the online articles. Just skip to the quiz.

I don't know why it is so hard for me this year. I seem to have developed an allergy to BS.

Nevada is a rocket scientist compared to most states.


Can't you get a few product reps to bring you lunch and do their spiel for credits?

I don't want them to have to lug all the crap from SF, but I like how you think.

I would have done the CEU earlier but I was too busy living the dream.

Dec 11, 17 5:21 pm

I'm going to start doing my taxes rather than CEU, that is how boring CEU is.

Dec 11, 17 7:38 pm

finished billing for the year?

If anything trickles in I will be sure to let you know

Send me your address, I'll send you an invoice.

Tinbeary There there

I already said I'll do your CEU's. What is easier than that?

Dec 12, 17 9:29 am

My taxes, apparently.

I have this weird thing, I do my taxes. It is my only ritual. Besides coffee.


36 every 3 - pretty standard; note that the powers that make these decisions are headed toward 12/yr and only HSW (which makes sense as the license is supposed to be to protect public HSW).  Mr Rob Lopez and co can be pretty strict on what's allowed so pre-approved credits are recommended.  Otherwise the course description should include topics that are listed as part of the state's description of the profession.

Dec 12, 17 1:42 pm


Dec 12, 17 5:55 pm

2 CEU to go...Woot!

Dec 19, 17 2:50 pm

An Introduction to Automatic Sprinkler Systems...riveting

Dec 20, 17 2:51 pm

So are there any units about riveting?

Dec 20, 17 6:34 pm

I would totally do those

This is the closest one to riveting that I'm aware of ... but it doesn't really cover riveting (sorry); Categorized by Design: AESS.

I take that back ... there are some that cover riveting; Connection Solutions for Modern Wood Buildings, and Connection Solutions for Wood Framed Structures.

Dec 20, 17 6:58 pm

I was (as usual) wittily riffing with wordplay, but I looked at those sources, EA, and there's some beautiful work in there. It's all about the joints!

Wit, wordplay, riffing ... I'm only here to help ;)

"help" is a red flag term, the other is "passion"

the AESS one is dope

1 week to go, can he do it?

Dec 22, 17 12:45 pm

If you can't get 2 CEUs in a week, you should really focus on Archinect less.

I've decided to devote my life to archinect. The guy who joined the army inspired me.

I live for the annon posters. They are all such thoughtful people.

I have two screens, one for AutoCAD one for Archinect.

If I can just find the right frequency, I hope to make all the (creepy) annon posters go spastic. (Not you of course).

1 CEU to go, it should be something fancy.

Dec 23, 17 1:23 pm

Aluminum ladders...fancy


Get 'er done !!!!

I'm done, I'm done. Now back to making gobs of money and then rolling in it...

Did you know that aluminum ladders are made out of aluminum?


Completed the CEUs? I hope that is what you meant. Yeah, my response would be to that question on aluminum ladders would be something like - "I wouldn't have guess that. I was maybe thinking it was made of plastic and metallic paint. Here's your sign."

I wouldn't have guessed.... considering it is called an aluminum ladder.... right.

Yes, completed and check written to NSBAIDRD. Wahoo

I learned they must also be ladder shaped and have aspects of ladders.


We pay our dues by doing this..... lol.

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