Where can Egyptian Architect find jobs out side middle east countries ?

I am an Egyptian Architect willing to live and work out side the middle east and try different culture and work environments , I can speak English very well and I am willing to learn any other language if necessary .

Any suggestion well be appreciated :)

Sep 13, 17 1:26 pm
Non Sequitur

Anywhere really... well, maybe not in Trumpamerica.

Just note that most developed countries may not / will not recognize you as an architect.

Sep 13, 17 1:35 pm

If you're not that picky...just throw a dart on the map and book a ticket. Or Germany, their everlasting WW2 guilt makes them quite gullible when it comes to welcoming immigrants.

Sep 13, 17 2:18 pm

A friend of mine did this almost 20 years ago and the dart landed in Utah. She still lives there. Careful.

Hmm... How about Utah?


I was going to suggest you apply for a job at an international firm with offices in cairo first, but I'm not sure there are any? Anyway, I'm pretty sure there are foreign architects currently building something or another in egypt, try to contact anybody in the field that could be your ticket out.

Sep 13, 17 2:50 pm

Canada is accepting people from the middle east and anywhere really. xD

Sep 13, 17 3:02 pm
Non Sequitur

It's not that simple... but almost. They'll take you, but you won't be called an architect. At least that's a relief.

the non-Middle East ones

Sep 13, 17 3:20 pm

I am an American that worked at an architecture firm in Cairo for several years, and more or less left because work dried up when Mubarak was ousted.  Several of my Egyptian friends now work in Dubai & other Emirates- which I know is still ME, but pay is significantly better from what I hear.  Another Egyptian architect friend moved to the US - Houston,TX; though I think she came with her husband who had a sponsored visa in the oil & gas industry.  

There used to be lots of work in China, though I am not so sure now, and tons of expats in the big cities.  I have several American & 1 Egytpian friend in Shang Hai / Beijing working in architecture / engineering.  

Dar al Handasah's main office is in Cairo & they have outposts all over the world, and own Perkins + Will (a large firm based in US), so you might try to get a job there and ask about transferring to another Dar office.

Sep 14, 17 2:21 pm
There are some global firms with posts in Egypt. Dubai is probably your best bet, but there are certainly Egyptians working in the US. The global cities are NYC LA and Houston - they all have fairly large middle eastern populations.
Sep 14, 17 9:49 pm

I am so grateful for your answers , but in Egypt there is no international firms in Egypt now and who is here is only working in construct some projects which are totally few .

I am a designer not site engineer in the gulf there economic systems are falling apart this and i also visited them and get enough that is why i want new culture new system new people

I was thinking in Brazil or Uruguay i even tried to go to south Africa but there is no any answer so if there is any other spot that can fit me in it will help ?

Sep 18, 17 8:32 am

Maybe target non-Arab or non-Magreb countries that have substantial Egyptian communities and are easy on the visa. Once there you could use the networks and contacts of your countrymen to get access a little easier.  If you can offer what the other one is looking for, you're in. For architecture in Brazil, I'd try São Paulo, the most cosmopolitan place in Brazil. Don't know much about Uruguay other than Luis Suarez is from there and the capital is Montevideo. What do you mean by "no any answer" in South Africa, they don't pick up the phone or they don't reply to your emails? Mostly you need to be already inside the country if you want firms to even consider you, goes for everywhere basically. Mostly offices need people yesterday if they post an opening today, the entire procedure you'll need to go through will simply put them off, who has the time or money for all of that?

Sep 18, 17 10:03 am

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