Changing careers? Depressed with architecture.


Hello everyone!

This is the first time I come to this website after I posted this. It has been about 1 year and 7 months.

Here is an update: 

I no longer work in architecture, but I guess I can say I still work in a related field. In October 2017, I started working as a contract administrator and a year later, I got a promotion and I am now a project manager.

I am now responsible for overseeing the design and construction of different projects. I manage a group of architects and engineers to work on designing a project and then I also follow the project until the construction ends and the project is delivered to the client. The projects are all between 10 M to 20 M dollars (construction).

So, I thank you all for your messages (positives ones and the less positives too). What I have to say to you is this: I know that 3 years of working in architecture is not a long time to say that I hate architecture (3yrs when I posted my rant ). I do not think I need to stay 20 years doing something I know I don’t like. Why would you stay married to someone that drains you mentally for 20 years when you know that on the 3rd year, you are already so depressed? Same thing with architecture.

I love Architecture, I love design, I love art. Sadly, I hate the context on which architects and interns have to work. But then again its our own fault it we accept to work under those circumstances.

For what I have seen, we architects have great qualities that we can use and will be better rewarded in other related fields. I have seen It myself. So if you want to change your path and leave architecture, do it now! There is one life !

I can say, I miss design a lot, but I do not miss working in that field. Do I feel nervous because of the responsibilities of my job? Of course, I do sometimes. I mean, budget, time, quality, etc... But believe me, being a project manager is easier than being an intern in architecture. Also I feel respected. 

Feb 27, 19 9:49 pm

This is great! Thanks for the update - I really like it when posters return back to tell us their story, nothing worse than holding onto a cliff hanger!


Video games, man. Design video games. That's where you can really design the stuff you can't do in the real world, unless, well, you don't really like art. Sketching really isn't exactly the same as colorful art. But if you can get past that, video games can really open up one's imagination to levels never before reached by mankind.

Feb 27, 19 10:31 pm

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