Changing careers? Depressed with architecture.


Video games, man. Design video games. That's where you can really design the stuff you can't do in the real world, unless, well, you don't really like art. Sketching really isn't exactly the same as colorful art. But if you can get past that, video games can really open up one's imagination to levels never before reached by mankind.

Feb 27, 19 10:31 pm  · 

What you’ve invested in already is sunk cost. Don’t let it drag you down. You should only consider future benefits.

Oct 31, 19 3:04 am  · 

Hello everyone, 

I just happened upon this discussion and saw that a number of people mentioned that they are career coaches specializing in architecture, design, etc, especially as it relates to a change of career and this is exactly what I'm looking for. Can you please message me or let me know how I can contact you to discuss your services further.

Thank you

Jan 7, 20 1:57 pm  · 
Non Sequitur

Consultant services start at $300/hr plus retainer.


Hey, you copy/pasted someone else’s post from Reddit!

Jan 8, 20 9:00 am  · 

You are still young and people change careers all the time. How you view changing your career is a matter of perception, but most likely you will be much better off from a life balance and salary perspective if you make the shift and this will be reflected in short time. Since you have both business and architecture degrees, it sounds like real estate, infrastructure finance, or government could all be good fits for you. Good luck!

Jan 8, 20 10:03 am  · 

Hi every one ... I have been struggling in Architecture since the first day of university....ahhh  I actually had a high score in high school that could have joined Dentistry, however I chose Architecture and since then I am having  unhappy life because I discovered that I am not talented nor have the ability to stay up at night and heavy work ....I worked in United Arab Emirates for one year as an architectural graduate ...then I stayed with my sons and ..... many years now and migrated to NewZealand where they have different kind of construction which is timber ....I tried freelancer and went for another office and as you mentioned I was stressed and apologised from them and went home ...and now I hate my self and feel so disappointed . Unless I am a muslim and believe in God I would not live normally. 

Now I am sometimes thinking of career change but hesitant of being a quitter or as you said loosing 5 years of study.


Jan 13, 20 3:31 am  · 



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