Practice Management Software

Would anyone have any recommendations for practice management software?

I am part of a 20-person firm that is growing fairly quickly, and I am interested in getting us to use some programs to help in project scheduling, time sheet logs, other things of this nature.

As I'm sure others can relate to, practices that worked efficiently when firms are small no longer work when they expand, and we would like to head that off before it becomes a problem.

Thank you!

Aug 11, 17 3:08 pm

Good luck with that, let me know how it turns out for you.

Aug 11, 17 7:12 pm
Check out vision
Aug 12, 17 2:10 am

Vision will help with staffing and scheduling. Newforma, if setup correctly, will track any correspondence all the way through end of CA. You can get GC to directly send submittals through it.

Aug 12, 17 1:07 pm
Second newforma - a fantastic piece of software if you can get everyone to use it properly. Integrates rather seamlessly with office and cad.
Aug 12, 17 5:59 pm

We use Basecamp and like it a lot for shared to-do lists, notes, discussions and calendars.

Aug 13, 17 5:56 pm

I have a small format  Moleskin. It knows everything. Because: screw big data.

Aug 13, 17 6:51 pm

As always, you have to get through the sarcasm to get to the useful stuff.

Aug 14, 17 10:12 am

Is that sarcasm?


Must be, it definitely wasn't useful.

Thanks for the advice, those who gave it!

Aug 17, 17 3:37 pm

Newforma and basecamp both are good. But I am a Trello lover.

Aug 20, 17 12:04 am

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