Possible for an English speaker to works in Switzerland as an architect?


Hi, I'm considering to attend an architectural course in Europe which is fully taught in English. I can get BSc architecture by completing 3 years course, but I wondered what kind of choice I get after graduation. 

I'm not too sure yet, but I am interested at working in Switzerland in the future. I am American, and am able to speak English/Japanese but not German/Italian/French.  Would I still have any chance to get employed there without any knowledge on those local languages? (e.g. in Zurich where many people can speak English) 

Also, is it necessary to get master/bachelor in the country to be a qualified architect? I've heard of some architect who works there without graduating uni in Switzerland, but I wondered if that's a rare case. (and if those without swiss degree gets bad condition like low income.)

Jul 26, 17 8:59 am

Me thinks it might works...or not.

Jul 26, 17 2:49 pm  · 

I'm from Zurich and currently work as a junior architect here... Most offices like to see a Master degree, but it is not necessary if you have a strong portfolio or work experience. It is much harder to get a job with a BSc tough. I know quite a lot of architects who don't speak german but still managed to get a job. Almost everyone speaks English here. But the problem is, that you won't be able to work directly on a construction site or participate in meetings with contractors. You won't have a chance to work independently as everything is written in german. So I think you would probably work as a design architect within a team.

That's also why most of the foreign architects get paid less than a local architect, but you can still survive. Example: I graduated last year at the ETH with a Master and got my first job paying 70'000 USD/year (roughly 5'800 a month) with paid overtime and 5 weeks of paid vacation. An only english speaking friend of mine gets 4000/ month with 4 weeks vacation.

Hope I could help :-)

Aug 4, 17 7:51 am  · 

Good day in here, well done for the goods works you are doing in answering questions here cos it is really helping.
Please I need your advise on my situation, I am a graduate of architecture from Nigeria and I am seeking greener pasture by wanting to move to Switzerland.
I plan to come to Switzerland to first and foremost study for my master's degree in architecture and then stay back to get an employment.
Please I humbly request for your assistance on the swiss school of architecture to undergo my study, the best degree to acquire i.e. Master of Art or M.Sc. for better chance in securing employment, cost of studying and living expenses.
Also, will it be possible to get a permanent residence when working. Please endeavor to also explain other things that I need to know.
Thanks in anticipation and God bless you.
With kind regards,
Akinola Matthew.

Dec 10, 18 7:19 pm  · 

hi I am shweta here..I seeking for job in Switzerland.  I had done my architecture degree and post graduation from India. Is it possible for me to get job in Switzerland without French language ( done all study in English). 

Plz help

Sep 19, 19 10:32 am  · 

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