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Good afternoon,

Intern question: Where can I begin to search for the requirements for emergency night fixture for commercial spaces?

May 15, 15 1:53 pm

section 1205?  1006.1?

btw, you're not an intern anymore!

May 15, 15 2:00 pm  · 

Thanks. I know but that was kinda a novice question.

May 15, 15 2:39 pm  · 


May 15, 15 2:41 pm  · 

Generally speaking or in a particular city

In NYC, you can't just use any emergency light with a backup power supply. I forget what the requirements are perse, but you need to check your local laws to make sure the fixtures are compliant. 

Lastly (and generally speaking), just a few points about emergency lights:

- Emergency lights have to be tested every so often, so you have to make sure that the test button is readily accessible. If you try to recess the housing, make sure that the little red button is visible and reachable.

- All emergency lights have to have a battery backup in case of power failure. 

- Emergency lights need to provide a minimum of 0.1 FC (most do) and clearly demarcate  the egress paths.

May 15, 15 3:07 pm  · 

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