Ghost in the Shell 2

The Thriller in Manila

Has Anyone seen the Anime "Ghost in the Shell 2" it was recently released on DVD. really amazing animation. just wanted to know what you guys think of it

Jan 2, 05 2:57 am
Artful Dodger

I got a chance to see it in the theater, didnt know it was out on DVD yet.. I was so blown away by the animations i compleatly gave up reading the subtitles.

I'll have to go pick it up this week.

Jan 3, 05 2:50 pm  · 

It's good stuff. Not as fast paced as the first, and much more focused than the manga.

Jan 3, 05 7:08 pm  · 

yes yes good stuff - the animation was intensly beautiful.
i must own the dvd

Jan 3, 05 7:27 pm  · 

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