flight 93 comp


has anybody entered the flight 93 memorial competition?

and gotten a registration packet?
its been 5 wks, no response, no packet...

Nov 22, 04 4:06 pm

registered with my credit card which was charged,
no packet,
no reponse to my emails........hopefully the packet comes before the deadline......

Nov 22, 04 4:12 pm

Did you read the responses to the Q/A with the community and family? There were some amusing answers to what some people would like to see there.

here are some of the answers:

• If terrorists must be included, put their biographies on the floor so visitors must walk on them

• Monument shaped like a large eagle with 20 names on each wing, illuminated

• A few benches

• Bird rehabilitation center

• Monument shaped like an airplane with angels going up the boarding steps

Nov 22, 04 4:33 pm
anthony dong the packet....seemed like they spent too much on the packaging. it was very -- empathic ..with sullen blue-grey colors. and the DVD is such a joke....they should have just posted the materials online and a fee submission at project submittal but I guess it's just another 9/11 money making machine. yippee skippee

Nov 23, 04 8:44 am

when is the deadline or where on the website is it stated? it´s so damn confusing, like nothing is set in stone.

Nov 23, 04 8:49 am

found it on the pdf... Jan 11
in general, it's a bad idea to schedule submissions immediately after the holidays.

Nov 23, 04 8:53 am

online applied 5 wks ago too, no response to my emails and voice mails. my credit card is not charged yet, however there is no way of contacting them as far as i've experienced so far. they have some documents online however no program, and such.

Nov 24, 04 11:12 am

Applied using the online mode close to 3 weeks ago. Have not heard anything nor have i received any packets. Though this morning i found this information on a competition listing website. Do not know if it works, but am going to try to contact the person listed.
Got this info out here:
The contact info listed there is;
Kristen Sasser
Helene Fried Associates
T: 415 561 3921/ 800 244-6515
F: 415 561 3916
C: 415 637 2819

If i am able to get through will post an update.
Hope this helps everyone.

Nov 24, 04 11:25 am
pissed off

I have been waiting over 2 months for a sign of life from them idiots Helen fu... fried and her company. they do not answer anything. no communication whatsoever. why in the name of god they are sending "materials" by mail? everything can be posted on the web, and confirmation should be immediate. That "fried" b... has a gallery in san francisco and she knows few bureaucrats at park services, that's how she got a job being "an expert on public art". laughable. besides, there is very little interests with this shamble of competition. why incompetent idiots run this show? should I feel better knowing there are more pissed off people out there besides myself?

Nov 29, 04 7:44 pm

maybe someone should shoot an email to a pennsylvania newspaper.

Nov 29, 04 9:29 pm
This market is not currently served by United, United Express or its code share partners. Please reenter your request.

i just checked flight:93 current status on UA. above messege came up. i wonder if some discount airlines bought the flight code or is it permanantly cancelled out by FAA?
my competition entry would propose the re-establishment of UA flt. 93 and each time it goes over the path where it crashed, plane releases red white and blue smoke where it can be seen from the memorial site everyday. kind a visual don't you think? is it good or what? i am conceptual kind a guy. i need a big break like maya lin. i can't wait for the competition pack to arrive.

Nov 29, 04 10:33 pm
Cheyne Owens

how about nothing...why build something right now...this era will be remembered as the "the great Competition movement of the second cold war"...isn't it a strange phenomena as more buildings burn more 30x40 boards will wave...shiver. Our history is still unfolding...let the next generation figure it out.

Nov 30, 04 1:41 am

When you see what ground zero is going to be in a few years one can only agree with your last post threads...

Nov 30, 04 6:28 am

can anyone who has received the packet post the submission requirements?

how many boards?
what size?
specific content required?


Dec 1, 04 12:13 am

Was anyone able to talk w/ Kristen Sasser or Helene Fried? I can only reach a voice mail.

Yesterday was the last day for questions, I wonder if the deadline is going to change, since there is definetely something wrong with the organization.

Dec 1, 04 10:43 am
pissed off

I talked to Kristen Sasser yesterday (415.637.2819) she said she doesn't work for flight 93 competition any more and that is her private phone number. I was so pissed I forgot to ask what happened to her. Maybe she was lying. I know one thing that Fried bitch has to fry, for making shamble out of this competition. first thing she says on the web side is " you cannot contact anybody about competition but us, means her and her pal Stastny". what a god damn arrogant bitch!

Dec 1, 04 5:48 pm

pissed. for you, i'll set the office fax machine to call her every 10 minutes for the next couple of days.

Dec 1, 04 6:44 pm

hey all,

i'm thinking about registering for this, but it doesn't seem like it's going well. Did everyone get their packet and how long did it take?

Shouldn't it take about a week or so?

Dec 2, 04 7:16 pm

here is an email i got from Jeff Reinbold of NPS, i hope it's for rea and good luck everyonel:

Thank you for your interest in the design competition. As you probably
know, we added materials to the original competition packets which
our initial distribution. We are aware that some participants have yet
receive their competition packets and/or registration numbers and have
taken several steps to remedy the situation. We've added staff to deal
the overwhelming response to the competition and to resolve any
registration issues. The staff will respond to inquiries to the 800#
24 hours and to e-mail and fax inquiries as well. In the coming days we
will also post competition materials on the project website
( so all competitors have access to the
materials while we resolve any outstanding issues with their
Thank you for your patience and your commitment to this important

Dec 2, 04 7:55 pm
pissed off

Bunch of incompetent idiots. They got budget of $500.000.00 and can't send people registration numbers? i personally piss on their "packets" all I want is register, and they find excuses not to do it. there is no oversight over them idiots. they do or not do as they please. in the last minute they want to post info on the net? they need to be fired, and publicly ostracized. there is not enough buzz about mismanagement, indolence, incompetence, and plain idiocy of people hired to run this competition, at the helm of Mrs. Fried. Kick the bitch to the curb hard!

Dec 2, 04 10:18 pm

hey, pissed off, its a competition for gods sakes for people who were murdered on one of the most horrific days this country has ever seen and you're acting like a petulant 3 year old. can you cut it back a bit? i am annoyed but give me a break already...

Dec 2, 04 10:40 pm
pissed off

betadinesutures! before you open you mouth, think and try to phrase properly. This forum is NOT about the tragedy of flight 93, this forum is about the tragedy that park services officials couldn't hire competent people to run competition in a professional manner. Less intelligent sit and watch, before I bite on your leg. How!

Dec 3, 04 12:28 am

listen you little shit why don't you think about regoddamndiculous your fucking anger is over something that no one is required to do, and that is provide your sorry lame ass shit for brains a competition for your crayola renderings. this competition is not for you and not about you, and i can guarantee your project will suck, you will not win and however much you bitch about it, it will still look like shit in your portfolio.

now i know you have only posted 4 times - all in this thread - so you are either some douche troll or a regular archinecter that felt he/she need to create another account just to come here and vent, but in any case other people in this thread have made the point in much more intelligent ways than you. so back off bitch before i crawl through your screen and bite your fucking head off and knock your dick in the dirt.

p.s. you are still acting like a petulant 3 year old
p.p.s. and i am spanking you like a three year old should be spanked, so my point has relevance, choke on it.

Dec 3, 04 7:56 am
pissed off

Quality not quantitiy. Bark one more time and I'll put you to sleep, you mindless moron.

Dec 3, 04 10:27 am

ha! you are my bitch and will continue to bend over for the man, you, you...

Dec 3, 04 1:10 pm

all right, all right. I am stopping the hijacking of this thread.

I've been working on this competition for a while without the packet. To my surprise I was reading through the question and answers on the competition website and it seems that "sacred ground" ( the square mile or so where the plane hit the earth) is off limits. Could someone who has the packet clarify this?


Q46: How securely does the sacred site need to be protected? Do there need to be two separate and adjacent enclosures as shown on the current map? If so, why?

A46: Access to the Sacred Ground will be controlled for the foreseeable future. Refer to page 15 of the Competition Manual

Q48: Why does the sacred site fence have the shape that it does? Can it be changed?

A48: the outer fence includes the impact area (inner fence) and the debris field. The area defined cannot be changed.

Inaccessible sacred ground would be such a shame. Why not put the memorial in Kansas? The memorial should interpret the site and the event. The designers of the memorial should be free to decide what sould be done with the sacred ground.

Dec 4, 04 1:59 am

i am glad you want to take back the thread. have you considered that not only is it "sacred ground" but it is also a crime scene? perhaps the FBI and other agencies will not relinquish control for some period of time. although i would have to say "Inaccessible sacred ground..." makes sense to me. what about the "air space" directly above sacred ground, can you penetrate that space?

Dec 4, 04 8:38 am

ok, I've stayed well out of this discussion mainly due to having to run the Siyathemba project. There definately 'Something wrong in Denmark' with the way the registrations have been handled but I met Helene at the start of the project and she, like me, doing this on her own and on an old imac.

Running a design competition is freaking tiring (I've had 9 hours sleep in 5 days w/ jury..announcement..then press) and the amount of emails you get is pretty overwhelming. I had close to 15,000 since July and I really can reply to about 65% of those.

I think the 'do not contact anyone else' comment was not Helenes idea (and that's not the exact wording). It is amazing how much research and thought each team goes in to a project, usually the first step is connecting with people affected in the project. I have a feeling the F93 families, United and the land owners all made requesst that they not be called by anyone.

I know that when I spoke with Helene there were 1200 or so registrants and emailing each one would take time but it shouldn't be this long. Siyathemba had 650 and it took a couple of day (with neither staff nor budget). We usually run our competitions for less than $1000 so the 1/2 million budget seems a little out of wack but I'm sure it includes alot of printing, exhibition and flying in jury etc (we ask our jurys to pay their way).

anyway that's just my 2 cents...

good luck to all those who enter... and please no giant bald eagles.

Dec 4, 04 10:29 am
pissed off

Off limits ground issue" the black box of flight 93 silenced at 10.03 am. the plane crashed at 10.06 . there was a massive electrical failure on the plane. what happened during those critical three minutes is a secret closely guarded by fbi. they don't want you to find by an accident an evidence they so arrogantly deny exist. Barbed wire and democracy go hand in hand. Next issue. when exactly the $25.000 will be paid? before or after submittal of stage II design? Mock-up costs, don't they know it? Could somebody who got info packet answer this?

Dec 5, 04 12:29 am

pissed off,
Who says the plane crashed at 10:06?

Dec 5, 04 10:09 pm
pissed off

Who says it didn't?

Dec 6, 04 12:47 am

pissed off,

According to the official version brought to us by the 9-11 commission the plane crashed at 10:03:11. see pg. 33 after downloading the report from this link:

Dec 6, 04 10:43 pm
pissed off

There is independent data from seismology reports, from few universities. They are accurate +- 2 seconds. You can't falsify those, unless fbi is gonna come down on them too. That may happen, and the public will remain as dumb as usual. Too bad.

Dec 6, 04 11:23 pm

Pissed off, might i suggest that you loosen your tin foil hat? conspiracy theories are all well and good but if you really plan on including them into your design, then don't expect to appeal to fellow designers centered on the memory of the event and the passengers themselves....and don't expect to appeal to the families of those lost, nor the competition jury.

If you don't plan on this course of action, what point does it have? It seems like several intriguing questions have been raised on this forum...the issue of 'undisturbed sacred ground', and age old issues of memory and remembrance in memorial design in contemporary culture. maybe you'd do better to address these issues and utilizing the collective spirit of this forum instead of worrying about when you'll get your 25k startup budget, assuming Fox "Spooky" Moulder is on the Jury and a miracle wills you the competition.

you feel chastised by this forum? Its a free world...feel chastised...Leave. Several others have agreed with your general frustration concerning the competition but you've personally attacked the organizers on a public forum...Its time to get over yourself.

Dec 7, 04 12:09 am

has anyone heard anymore about the distribution of the packets? I was going to register, but then I read my card statement and discovered that I already HAD registered during one of my late night internet sessions. In anycase, Its been close to a month and I haven't gotten mine. If anyone locates the information on the website please post! I tried looking around the site but I havent found anything.

Dec 7, 04 12:31 am
pissed off

Here is some of the problems. Fried resides in San Francisco, your registration goes to office in Somerset. They communicate by fax. Any document that is hard to read ends up in a trash. I got that info straight from the horse's mouth. They don't know how to make communication tools work. That make them fall into category of pure idiots. Period.

Dec 7, 04 3:08 am
pissed off

to instrument.....what I care about are facts about Flight 93, and about professionalism in running design competition. Your comments are mindless, they bring nothing in trying to decipher the mess bunch of unqualified morons with lofty titles have created. If you don't understand what this discussion is all about, just keep quiet, observe, learn, and then try to speak on the subject. If you don't like the way I present myself, simply fuck off!

Dec 7, 04 3:33 am

this guy's a riot...Where's Per at? i think he's been dethroned!

Dec 7, 04 9:52 am

I don't know... He is prettu rude, but not quite as obsessive as Per. I'm sure he 'll get tired at some point. Per will come back, with the exact same ideas. Just wait for a while...

Dec 7, 04 11:28 am
pissed off

I'm flying to somerset next week trying to get registration. I'm going to call newspaper and tv people. Anybody wants to join?

Dec 8, 04 1:08 am

Let's summarize pissed off:

"what a god damn arrogant bitch!"

"Bark one more time and I'll put you to sleep, you mindless moron."

"Kick the bitch to the curb hard!"

"That may happen, and the public will remain as dumb as usual. Too bad."

"That make them fall into category of pure idiots. Period."

"If you don't like the way I present myself, simply fuck off!"

"Anybody wants to join?"

Hey buddy I think you are on your own.

Dec 8, 04 2:33 am

Word...this guy has issues

Dec 8, 04 8:11 am

to the tune of Bon Jovi....'you give architects a bad name'...sing along!

if you do truly fly to Somerset then A) you have too much money and time thus shouldn't be bitching about the lack of startup money and B) will come off as an arrogant jackass and C) will legitamize every giant bald eagle themed grab-ass project that gets presented because no one will want to trust architects with the commission because we whine too much.

refrain...'you give architects......a bad name', insert Richie Sambora guitar solo here....

Dec 8, 04 9:23 am
le bossman

dear mr. pissed off

you are a douchebag, and your penis is broken.

that is all

Dec 8, 04 4:03 pm

hey, whats wrong with my giant bald eagle themed grab ass project?

Dec 8, 04 4:14 pm

sorry, JG...didn't mean to offend. go ahead with your project, just make sure that you correctly integrate the 100 foot tall Cross into your site plan.

Dec 8, 04 4:50 pm

it's going right next to the statues of unicorns flying into heaven

Dec 8, 04 5:08 pm
le bossman

ah ioa,

i see you've been through the panhandle of texas as well

Dec 8, 04 6:18 pm
pissed off

I'm taking off. You can continue on, on your moronic quest to nowhere and mindless exchange of nothing.

Dec 8, 04 7:11 pm

this book is great.

Dec 8, 04 7:18 pm

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