flight 93 comp


do it, do it...

Jan 3, 05 10:33 pm  · 


WHOA!!! You truly have something stuck up insde you. I think it may be a bat-sized radio transmitter that "The Man" has placed insideyou to track you and keep tabs on your every move. Perhaps you shoulf try to fish it out with a a rusty icepick and drill. HURRY! They are listening to you! They can hear you think!

Jan 4, 05 12:37 am  · 

whoa insideman....

i browsed your comments at first- dismissed it as "angry-conspiracy-is-cool-i'm important and involved with dangerous elitist political villains" bullshit, but then i went back and tried to read it all so that i wouldn't misdirect my comments here.

no offense- really- but i find this hard to believe.

although at the same time- i am going to backup this feeling (or prove it misplaced) by researching what you've written. i've always wondered if someone knew ahead of time about 9/11 and how this person would go about attempting to stop it.

with what you're saying- yanevaknow.... in terms of helping to prevent a tragedy that "would make 9/11 look like a party" i'd yell my head off and be considered a raving lunatic as well. hence, i will not knock your efforts until i have evidence to- cuz to be brutally honest- 1-i dont feel that i know everything there is to know of the 9/11 occurences behind the curtains,2- i don't believe the media a mere 1.8%, and 3-i dont think i make that great an effort to find out. but i also don't believe too greatly in conspiracy theories highly dramaticized by what has been shown on the silver screen. and you cant blame some of us arch'necters for not awarding your thoughts the truth you feel they deserve.

well....not yet anyways....

for now, i'm tied up with the competition. conspiracy theory aside- those people died- whether shot down, killed by little blue aliens in turbons, whatever- they deserve a memorial- regardless of whether that congressman poisoned you- yanked on your pecker or what have you. if that is the truth- sorry to hear that.

oh- and don't ever call everyone on this thread an asshole ever again. i actually am one, but you dont know that.

Jan 4, 05 1:44 pm  · 
santa monica

After a couple of late nights/early mornings, FedEx says that my entry made it on time. Anyone else get their submission in?

I avoided the “one tree/stone/light/etc equals one victim” concept, instead developing a landform sculpture that covered a large portion of the site. Other ideas?

Jan 12, 05 5:59 pm  · 
David Brent

I also submitted something.

It ended up being 40 landforms/strips that together define the space of sacred ground.

Clearly this plane crash was an important world event that deserves a memorial, but developing something that did not succumbing to all of the "hero" bluster, or wasn't cynical, or overly abstract was very difficult.

I read that they received 600 boards and that they will be online shortly. I can't wait to see what people submitted.

Jan 12, 05 10:41 pm  · 

I am a reporter for the Tribune-Review in Pennsylvania. I am attending a media walk-through of the submitted designs on Friday, Jan. 11. Anyone who has submitted a design is welcome to contact me to talk about their inspiration for the design and why they felt compelled to participate.

Given that entries came from across the U.S. and the world, it would be interesting to hear what sparked the desire to compete.

My e-mail is and my cell phone is 412.260.4525.


Jan 13, 05 12:54 pm  · 

Typo. The media event is Friday, Jan. 14.

Jan 13, 05 1:03 pm  · 

who the heck is insiderman talking to?

Jan 13, 05 2:11 pm  · 
David Brent

the entries have been posted

Jan 22, 05 3:38 pm  · 

so far i've been through 423 submissions and maybe 2 have something to say.


Jan 22, 05 4:28 pm  · 


which two?

Jan 22, 05 9:30 pm  · 

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