The B word...


You all know what I'm talking about by now. If that word or anything relating to the topics having to do with the B word, expect immediate disapproval and shit-talking from the community. Thank you. Now, Jdparnell, how about them white sox?

Jul 24, 14 8:19 pm
boy in a well

you talkin to me?

im just chillin to Shilpa.

and occasionally taking some time to think about t a m m u z 's thread.

Jul 24, 14 8:41 pm
What the hell man it's in the instructions! No politicking aloud!
Jul 24, 14 8:43 pm
boy in a well


are you the community?

Jul 24, 14 8:53 pm
chatter of clouds

nice tunes boy in a well, the second one sounds like its  rythmically based on a typical zaffeh beat 

Jul 24, 14 9:03 pm

I am not actually a baseball fan.  If I were, I would root for the Cards I suppose.  They're minor league team, the Red Birds, play locally.  That is why I am ready for football season.  How bout them Titans?  Eh?  Can Jake Locker stay healthy?  Will ditching Chris Johnson improve the team?  Will Goku defeat Cell and save the world?

Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z!

Jul 25, 14 10:30 am

Their*** not They're.

It's early and I need more coffee.

Jul 25, 14 10:31 am

maybe archinect should boycott the cards for not playing football?

btw, football is not played with your feet.  common misunderstanding.

Jul 25, 14 10:38 am
Non Sequitur

not too sure about that Curt, last time I watched a game, I am pretty sure that it started with some sort of kick.

Jul 25, 14 11:14 am

The Cards (St. Louis) play baseball.  The Cards (Arizona) play football.  When i refered to the minor league team, they are in association with the St. Louis Cardinals.  Football is played with an oblonged shaped ball that is tossed around, kicked, and handed off.  Soccer is the sport you're thinking about; the rest of the world may call it football, but that doesn't mean I will.  Similar to how the rest of the world uses metric, but over here in the states we use imperial units.

Jul 25, 14 12:45 pm
Futbol* = American soccer
Jul 26, 14 11:05 pm

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