Peter Eisenman in Venice

Hi to all,

Few days ago I have have met Peter Eisenman in Venice on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition of his Yenikapi Project for an archaeological site in Turkey. He designed the exhibition layout too!
I can share some photos (I pictured the project conceptual sketches which are not so comon to find on the internet) and a short description text. You can see them (free) on Inexhibit here:

Peter Eisenman Yenikapi Projecin Venice - Inexhibit museum magazine



Jun 10, 14 9:03 am


Jun 10, 14 10:07 am  · 

You didn't get his autograph?!

Jun 10, 14 10:15 am  · 

Yep...looks like a Eisenman building...and this is a guy that bashed Gehry.

Jun 10, 14 10:16 am  · 

No I didn't get the autograph! :)
There was also a rich cocktail party for the press, but I prefered touring Venice instead (and the cocktails are much better in a small bar that in these luxury venues....)
Anyway, being 82 years old,  Eisenman still looks very adroit, maybe a little "architectonic" in his appearance but very friendly indeed.
The project is really tough to grasp, as usual for Eisenman the context analysis is quite complex. IMHO better the urban design that the building, but it still is a work-in-progress.
The exhibition design is quite simple, nevertheless there is some skilful touch in it.

Jun 10, 14 11:00 am  · 

Apparently the sarcasm was a wee bit too subtle.

Jun 10, 14 12:04 pm  · 

He signed my baby.

Jun 10, 14 12:46 pm  · 
( o Y o )

He fathered my baby.

Jun 10, 14 2:48 pm  · 

Hi Miles,

Sorry, I perfectly understood your sarcasm and appreciate it too (the little "old style" smile was my way to let you know my vision about all this "archistars" stuff, but maybe I am using a very obsolete code.. ). Forgive me but, hey,eventually I am an Italian guy and such English language subtleties are a bit too much for me to write an appropriate reply. Anyway, I assure you that old Pete is still an "architectural monument"! ;)

PS. you are right! I could swear that the only autograph i got in 48 years is by the great Swedish skying champion Ingemar Stenmark, but I was 6 years old......

Jun 10, 14 4:02 pm  · 

Essere italiano non è una scusa - Peter Eisenman fa schifo!

Jun 11, 14 9:08 am  · 


Jun 11, 14 9:18 am  · 

And Brazil will win the World Cup! ;)

Jun 11, 14 5:29 pm  · 
Alien 8

Brazil lost when FIFA announced that the World Cup would take place in Brazil. 

Jun 11, 14 6:10 pm  · 

thanks for the link.. I hope it isn't going to be built.  It looks like one side of an American outlet mall. xD

Jun 11, 14 6:12 pm  · 

You are welcome, accesskb :)

I agree with you, that's why I said that the urban design of this project  is IMHO much better than the architectural one. I don't know whether it will be bult or not, the project is gigantic and they are still digging the site for archeaology., I guess they will divide the project in various lots and perhaps build only some of them.

Jun 12, 14 3:05 am  · 

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