daSilva architects pc

daSilva architects pc

New York, NY



A dreary corridor of rooms on the 6th floor of the old Babies Hospital
Building will be transformed by a total gut renovation of existing space
into a cheerful child-friendly outpatient suite for the diagnosis and
treatment of children and adolescents with psychiatric and/or emotional
problems. In an “L” shaped space, occupying approximately
6000 sf, the new design centers around a reception/waiting space
defined by a curvilinear “Play Wall”. This Play Wall accommodates
various functions including seating at multiple levels, climbing areas,
heat sensitive touch walls, a fish tank, write-on/wipe/off surfaces and
storage for toys, books and games for children. It also allows visibility
and connection to the circulation and arrival lobby space. Separate
but connected waiting areas create flexibility for family members
and children waiting. There is a partially open Serenity Space room
adjacent for children who feel threatened, are acting out or just need
to be by themselves for a while. One leg of the “L” contains 14 consultation
rooms plus a medical exam suite. The opposite leg contains
the administrative rooms with flexible work space for medical staff
and researchers as well as two large group rooms. The interior design
incorporates color and pattern both for ambience and as a way-finding
device. Thus, a specific consult room will have the same color door,
accent wall, and a matching floor color indication in the corridor flooring
pattern. The overall impression will be bright, cheerful, friendly
and playful.

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US