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  • The Amoebius Machine

    HS Solie
    Apr 3, '14 11:54 AM EST

    The Amoebius Machine is a project I started in my last semester of graduate school at the University of Michigan almost a year ago. It began as an experiment in representational techniques involving both digital and manual strategies converging within the same drawing. The project was started under the guidance of Professor Perry Kulper but unfortunately it went unfinished at the time as my Thesis work took precedence over both this work, and also eating, sleeping... showering.

    After graduation I slowly began to come back to the work. Each time I worked on a drawing, the project would become more and more involved until eventually I realized the work had evolved from a representational project into a full-scale architectural proposition.

    My intention here is to roll out this work slowly and over multiple posts, as it is very much a work in progress. Each post will try to build up the narrative of the work through both text and representation. In this first post I will attempt to set the stage for the work by outlining the stakes and introduce some "silent partners" who have influenced the work.


    The Amoebius Machine

    "Modern building has become so universally conditioned by optimized technology that the possibility of creating significant urban form has become extremely limited"

    - Kenneth Frampton, Towards a Critical Regionalism: Six Points for an Architecture of Resistance

    These first words from Frampton's essay on Critical Regionalism were perhaps the starting point for the architectural ambitions of the project. Frampton goes on to establish his six points for combating what he refers to as the "placelessness" of the universally conditioned world. Driven by the economics behind globalization and commercialization, this universally conditioned environment is something which our society seems to be moving closer and closer too. Closer to something Italian architects in the 1960's would have hypothesized about, closer to No-Stop City. It is a future where regionalisms can be substituted for an “Endless Monument” without any resistance.


    - Images take from Superstudio


    This project proposes an alternative to this universally conditioned future through a new kind of place forming. One which does not turn away from technological advancements but instead embraces technology in an effort to create new architectures informed by, and created from, the current landscape. It is an architecture which is not bound by specific ideologies or economic conditions but rather responsive only to the conditions of the landscape surrounding it. To understand these conditions, the Amoebius Machine is introduced.

    The Amoebius Machine is a floating platform which travels across the landscape gathering information about regional typologies, environmental conditions.  programmatic needs and other tangible and intangible qualities. Through its extremities the Amoebius Machine is able to collect climate data, soil conditions, air qualities and other environmental factors. These extremities, or sensory nodes, act like exposed nerves which react to the information which is being gathered. In this way the Amoebius Machine is able to learn for the landscape to determine the optimal architecture for the location and it's regional peculiarities. By translating the data it collects the Amoebius Machine is able to both determine was is existing, but more importantly what is needed.


    These machines roam aimlessly across the landscape, generating regional profiles from the data it collects. These profiles are site specific and responsive only to the conditions of the land it surveys. Commercial and economic factors are not considered when generating these profiles and because of this there exists an opportunity to create architectural singularities which meet hyper-specific regional requirements. 





    Part 2 will expand on these ideas and also introduce how the Amoebius Machine uses this data to generate regional architectures.

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    HS Solie
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    HS Solie
    Aug 9, '13 6:09 PM EST

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    HS Solie
    Jul 26, '13 8:39 AM EST

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    HS Solie
    May 20, '13 5:14 PM EST

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    HS Solie
    Feb 21, '13 2:20 PM EST

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    Cross-plotting: Detroit to Windsor is an exhibition by a group of Master of Architecture students at the University of Michigan. The group is formulated around a research practice that investigates the unfolding circumstances of the city through full-scale-work: making is used as a means to... View full entry

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    HS Solie
    Nov 13, '12 2:06 PM EST

      This semester my studio is under the supervision and guidance of Taubman College's visiting professor, Matias del Campo of SPAN (  Matias, along with Taubman College professor Adam Fure, are leading an exploration into what they call "Apophenic Ecologies"... View full entry

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    HS Solie
    May 7, '12 5:41 PM EST

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    HS Solie
    May 2, '12 12:31 PM EST

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    HS Solie
    Apr 10, '12 3:13 PM EST

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    HS Solie
    Mar 23, '12 6:03 PM EST

    The Spring Break Externship Program here at Taubman College ( is one of the best resources for the students at the school.  Basically, it is a week-long, unpaid internship program that places current students at a firm in the location of their choice (almost... View full entry

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    HS Solie
    Mar 21, '12 12:32 PM EST

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    HS Solie
    Feb 26, '12 5:23 PM EST

    Spring Break 2012... whoohoo!!!!   I think spring break in graduate school serves a slightly different purpose than in undergrad.  For undergrads it is usually a time to cut loose and get after it.  However, for graduate students, when spring break rolls around their is only one... View full entry

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    HS Solie
    Feb 15, '12 4:56 PM EST

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    HS Solie
    Jan 26, '12 1:19 PM EST

    This week at Taubman College marked the 2nd iteration of a new pilot program at the school, Masterclass or Expert in the studio.  I am sure all of my dedicated and loyal readers will remember my post from our Alexander d'Hooghe charrette last semester, but for those you didn't read it (hard... View full entry

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    HS Solie
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    HS Solie
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    as promising in my last post, here is a closer look at my individual section's projects for our Representation Studio here at TCAUP...   Our student section, lead by professor Tsz Yan Ng (, was focused on creating full scale horizontal surfaces using digital technology... View full entry

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    HS Solie
    Dec 7, '11 4:46 PM EST

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  • Masterclass, Taubman College

    HS Solie
    Nov 10, '11 3:47 PM EST

    An Architecture of the Territory That was the title of a recently completed pilot program at TCAUP.  The program is tentatively called "Visiting Experts" and consisted of an intensive week-long workshop effort lead by an outside guest and involving, at least this time around, the entire 2nd... View full entry

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