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    A closer look at Representation 516

    HS Solie
    Dec 13, '11 4:38 PM EST

    as promising in my last post, here is a closer look at my individual section's projects for our Representation Studio here at TCAUP...


    Our student section, lead by professor Tsz Yan Ng (, was focused on creating full scale horizontal surfaces using digital technology and fabrication techniques.  While the final product was a full scale fabrication, the overall aim of the studio was to create a set of working drawings for our project.  Each set of drawings would detail and explain every element of the project, focusing on Design, Fabrication and Assembly.

    The idea was that while we were creating a full scale mockup here at school, we could send our detailed drawing set to anyone anywhere in the world and they would be able to recreate the project without ever speaking to us (even if they didn't speak english).

    Some of the constraints of the project included limiting the number of unique units to between 3-5, stressing horizontality and creating an assembly that could propagate without the use of any secondary connection system, e.i. the units had to connect to themselves somehow.

    My teammate on the project was Geoffrey Salvatore (, who named our piece titled "stalactites."  The installation focuses on a series of truncated pyramidal shapes which when aggregated, create a surface of varied heights and appearances.  Because of the variation in the truncation, light would transmit through different pyramids in different ways, creating a unique lighting experience underneath. 












    A look at some of the other projects..


    Brandon Vieth and Michael Fontana


    Dorimar Del Rio Velez and Yao Wang


    Jennie Lynn Tolfa and Scott Claassen

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