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    Vertical Cities studio: Schematic Design Review

    HS Solie
    Feb 26, '12 5:23 PM EST

    Spring Break 2012... whoohoo!!!!


    I think spring break in graduate school serves a slightly different purpose than in undergrad.  For undergrads it is usually a time to cut loose and get after it.  However, for graduate students, when spring break rolls around their is only one thing on our minds... SLEEP!

    Last week marked the halfway point in the semester and along with it, schematic review presentations for our studio's Vertical Cities competition entries.  Each of the five studios, comprised of 19 students and 2 professors, is using their master plan models (shown in the previous blog post) to develop prototypical building designs.


    In particular, our studio has broken up into groups of 3, with each group tackling a different building typology found in our master plan.  Building typologies being looked at are high-rise towers, courtyard buildings, low-rise housing, agricultural buildings and hybrids of each.

    In addition to designing for 100k people per square kilometer and a focus on designing for an aging population (as per the competition brief) our studio has put an emphasis on the "void" and how it can be used to create interactions at the scale of the master plan, the single building and down to the apartment unit itself.

    On the whole everyone's schematic review went pretty well.  Due to the very "enthusiastic encouragement" by our studio professor's, Claudia Wigger ( and Karl Daubmann (, most of the studio's projects were at a state of high resolution by the time of the review.  Which isn't to say that there isn't lots more work to be done.  But for this review the combo of ... Work + Caffeine - sleep - attention to anything besides studio + more Caffeine... really paid off.

    Shown above is a look at the my team of rockstars including Whit Self and John Ewanowski.  Below is a look at the other teams within our studio...


    Danielle McDonough, Matt Gilbert, Nithya Rathinam


    Amy Anderson and Zuliang Guo


    Chris Bennett, Jacqui Colaianni, Tony Killian


    Josh Kehl, Tingmeng Li, Christy Ting


    Hans Papke, Dan McTavish, Charles Gurrey


    Wencan Xue and Shuchen Lin



    • looks very interesting, post some of the boards on here so we can get a closer look.

      Feb 27, 12 2:15 am  · 

      Good idea Matt, We've actually talked about this a few times and I think once everyone gets back from break I'll put something together. Stay toned

      Feb 27, 12 7:35 pm  · 

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