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    propositionSTUDIO: Apophenic Ecologies

    HS Solie
    Nov 13, '12 2:06 PM EST


    This semester my studio is under the supervision and guidance of Taubman College's visiting professor, Matias del Campo of SPAN (  Matias, along with Taubman College professor Adam Fure, are leading an exploration into what they call "Apophenic Ecologies" which alludes to the phenomenon of perceiving meaningful patterns or connections in random or meaningless data, known as Apophenia.  The most common example of this phenomenon is reading shapes or figures in a collection of clouds in the sky.  

    In groups of 3-4 our studio is looking at how produce these types of multiple readings by creating seemingly meaningless patterns within very basic architectural elements.  My group is looking at openings and apertures within a single surface condition.  We are exploring various ways to produce patterns and openings which oscillate between meaning and meaningless, control and lack of control.  This exploration with result in full-scale fabrications for the final review which will take full advantage of Taubman College's FabLab.

    Through the use of scripting logics, systems thinking and generative design tools we are able to produce systems which can produce a wide range of variation with minimal input by the designer.  In particular, the current research is exploring ways to create variable panel systems which can be combined in with endless variation.  By having an embedded logic within a singular panel we can allow multiple iterations to aggregate with endless possibilities and combinations.  Through these part-to-whole relationships we are able to use organizing logics which foster uncontrolled results.

    In this way, we are able to set up the conditions for an architecture that is free to engage its occupants on their own terms through their own reading of the system.

    For me, this is an entirely new way of thinking about design and producing architectural conditions.  Obviously not completely new territory for the profession, but for me a completely new and exciting direction and one that will challenge how I approach architecture throughout my final year at Taubman College.

    I will have much more to say and explain later on when I have a firmer grasp on the work, but for now enjoy some images from our current progress.






    All work shown above was done in cooperation with my group members:

    Mark Wright

    Ning Zhou

    Bennett Scorcia

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