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    A look back at M.Arch, year 1

    HS Solie
    Feb 15, '12 4:56 PM EST

    I feel guilty because I have not blogged in about two weeks.  But here's why...


    Over the past several weeks I have been doing what is usually the most enjoyable/dreadful/nervous/hilarious (depending on how you look at it) thing any student can do while in school...MAKE A NEW PORTFOLIO!  I had started this portfolio last summer and got about 97% complete before school started up again in the fall.  Five months later I am proud to report I finally completed the last 3%.


    Instead of running through the usual portfolio drill of updating an existing portfolio, through adding new projects and subtracting older ones, I decided to go in a different direction.  The plan is to have a completely autonomous portfolio for each of my 3 years of graduate school here at Taubman College.  This way at the end of my three years I will have three portfolios to provide a complete history of my time at Michigan.

    The whole portfolio can be found here...

    In case clicking on the link above is too labor intensive, here is a peak at some of the work....










    the above chair project was done in collaboration with fellow M.Arch student Nathan Van Wylen (

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