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    [En]Coding Architecture 2013 now on video

    HS Solie
    Jul 25, '13 1:23 PM EST

    Archinect, its been too long my old friend.

    It seems like a lifetime since I last posted a blog entry, pretty silly considering what an awesome platform this is for sharing all things designHUSTLE with the world. Well all that changes now!

    While a post-graduation malaise is the main culprit for my blogging absence, it also might have something to do with moving (back) to Boston and starting an exciting new job in the always eventful world of architecture. Anyways, over the course of the next few weeks I will be posting as many entries as I can to get back up to speed.


    To start things off, here is a video of my team and I presenting our Fall 2012 project entitled, deferentialCONSTRUCTIONS, at the [En]coding Architecture conference at Carnegie Mellon University this past February. There is also a much more comprehensive look at this project in an early blog post, if interested.



    other [En]coding Architecture videos

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