Byron Marroquin

Byron Marroquin



Rowntree Residence

The Rowntree residence embodies a programmatic scheme that splits doweling and living spaces by establishing architectural hierarchy within the design. The project's dwelling spaces are designed to take in less light for a tranquil seclusion experience by reducing glazing and providing lower ceilings. A common access point allows for all users to have ease of access to all bedrooms and the main living area. Ample living spaces with high ceilings allow for more natural light to inhibit the space in which the users will spend the majority of time. large doors open to the rear of the property to open  and integrate the living spaces with the exterior conditions that include a large rear porch that accommodates outdoor gatherings and interactions.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Riverside, CA, US
My Role: Jr. Designer
Additional Credits: Xavier Hernandez (Xavier Design Group) Principal
Nick Skaff (Nick Skaff Consulting Engineer)