Byron Marroquin

Byron Marroquin



Casa Olé

Casa Olé is a project in which the clients desired a contemporary style residence with key moments throughout the project that accommodated for social gatherings , natural lighting, energy efficiency and a modern suburban living setting. With these parameters established the team designed a 3,639 sq.ft. residence that includes an open and spacious first floor that opens up to spacious rear outdoor area for gatherings and views of the inland empires landscape. A staircase serves as the vertical circulation connection from the first floor to a bridge in the second level that overlooks the first floor and leads the user to  a relaxation retreat and eventually to the bedrooms.  


Casa Olé is currently in the process of Plan Check

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Riverside, CA, US
My Role: Jr. Designer
Additional Credits: Xavier Hernandez (Xavier Design Group) Principal/ Lead Designer
Carlos Lara (Lambda Engineering Consultants)