bolívar iñiguez

bolívar iñiguez

Los Angeles, CA, US


H. W. Hellman

Built in 1903 as an 8-story office building, it was the most expensive such building in LA at the time. The ground level featured marble floors, a monumental staircase, and a domed ornamental skylight. Its large central light well brought natural light to every office in the building. See LA Conservancy.

The project consisted of the adaptive reuse and structural retrofit of the structure, as well as the addition of a mezzanine level above the ground floor, and the addition of two stories above, yielding a total of 188 residential units, commercial space on the ground floor, and tenant amenities on the new rooftop.

The 10th floor units feature a mezzanine-level bedroom. A custom dresser/armoire at the open edge of the floor serves as a guardrail while preserving openness to the space below.


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Status: Built
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US
My Role: Sr Job Captain developing the permit set into a construction set. Rooftop addition detailing and pool coordination. CA.
Additional Credits: Omgivning