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    Marc DiDomenico
    Jan 31, '13 10:57 AM EST

    EOS armchair retouched with an intrinsic new color pattern


    Florence, Italy- A new version of the EOS chair designed by arch. Leonardo Rossano, has been proposed with an intrinsic new color scheme. The chair produced by True Design of Padova, is named 'EOS' derived from the Greek goddess 'dawn' or morning twilight. The chair is designed for boardrooms, lounges and refined home settings.  The EOS chair has been now retailored by young designer, Sara Arias, with a pallet of colors that express the chair's underlying structure. The new alternate version uses a multicolored fabric selection and was inspired by the chair's modular system. The chair was originally available only in solid color tones. This unique version was fabricated custom for the Florence Institute after a visit to the chair's factory. 

    The original EOS design has been available since last year in many bright colors, characteristic of the product selection of True Design. Until now EOS had only been upholstered with a single color on all sides. This new version however proposes multiple colors on the same chair that help to express the 'inner concept.' Architect Rossano commented “EOS is a modular concept which utilizes three standard elements; seat, backrest-armrest and corner" Rossano continues that "Identical components are then used for the armchair, two-seater, or three-seater versions"

    The design of the chair, by Professor & Architect Rossano, here is proposed by his former student, Sara Arias, using different hue's assigned to identify each of the standard chair elements. “When visiting the factory, I had the opportunity to see the chair's prototype and how fabric is applied. The chair's structure, made up of individual pieces, was like 'assembling a puzzle'. Then through a presentation of fabric over the separate parts and through an understanding of the inner structure, I felt the lines and junction could be expressed better with colored fabric." 

    The new scheme is a combination of a color in the same gamma of darker to lighter tones, the fabrics identify each piece in an approach that subdivides the system into smaller parts. Arias continues that, "Structure which makes a harmonic rhythm of glamour and style through selection of colors, matching fine lines and creating a new design". The colored fabric schemes were conceived in either versions of purple, green or orange and have been named EOS ARIAS, to give a personal identity.

    Photos by Frida Garibay

    About Arch. Leonardo Rossano
    Arch. Leonardo Rossano currently teaches furniture design courses at the Florence Institute of Design International. Born in Taranto in 1963, Arch. Rossano holds a degree in Architecture from the University of Florence. Since 1998, Arch. Rossano has been doing furniture design manufactured by companies such as True Design, Lapalma and Codice.

    About Sara Arias
    Sara Arias studied furniture design with arch. Rossano and is currently in her second year as an Interior Design student. She also works part time at the Florence Institute of Design International in marketing.

    About True Design
    True Design was founded in 2010 as a subsidiary company to the TMA group to offer great variety products for home, office and commercial applications.


    About Florence Institute of Design International
    Florence Institute of International Design is an international school of design in Florence, Italy. It offers courses in Architecture, Interior Design, Graphic Design, and Furniture Design. The school fuses modern and traditional Florentine concepts in art, and assumes the Italian artistic culture along with many other influences to promote a progressive and contemporary understanding of the creative process behind design.

    Marc DiDomenico
    Florence Institute of Design International
    Borgo Ognissanti 9
    Florence, Italy


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