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    Marc DiDomenico
    Sep 29, '15 11:31 AM EST

    FLORENCE, ITALY—Radical design meets Minimalism in this wall unit system named ‘Pixel’. The unit gives the freedom of creativity; with a variety of colours the modular design provides an expression of emotions and endless combination of parts. The simple minimal design with aluminum tracks and wooden shelves has been executed with precision, combining design styles to create a unique shelving system, easily changeable to suit various needs and tastes.

    The minimalist-cum-radical shelving unit was conceived by Annaisa Petri, a young Brazilian, who worked as an architect in Brazil before enrolling at The Florence Institute of Design International (FIDI). During her time in the intensive, year-long Master of Furniture Design programme, her artistry was guided by many talented architects and designers, including the distinguished professor Arch. Lapo Binazzi - noted for his commitment to the Italian Radicals.

    The young designer wanted to unite two different design styles to create something bold and fresh - while creating customisable furniture for the masses. She feels that, a sense of order and geometric shapes form the minimalist design, whilst colour plays a key role as part of the Radical vocabulary, a sense of bold artistry and identity.

    Like many self-assembly pieces, the materials and design may seem basic at first glance. But, the clever concept contains endless possibilities, allowing the shelving unit to fit neatly into any home or office space to hold and display as much or as little as you choose. The luxury of being able to change your mind and re-shuffle the shelving system gives you the freedom to be creative whilst more order.

    Made from a mixture of materials, the structure is created from a metal base and plywood panels, whilst the three sizes of removable shelves are created from lacquered wood, and come in 3 bold colours. The shelves simply slot into place, so you are spared any hassle with small parts. The PIXEL Wall Unit System will be produced as a limited edition release by the Tuscan fabricator, Wood Arredamenti Fiorentini s.n.c.

    About Arch Lapo Binazzi

    Lapo Binazzi was born in Florence in 1943 and graduated with a degree in architecture in 1971. In 1967 he founded the UFO (with Foresi, Maschietto, Bachi and Cameo), a group that is part of the experimental climate of Radicals, with whom he has participated in numerous international exhibitions: the XIV Triennale (1968), the Paris Biennale (1971), Contemporanea in Rome (1974), and the Venice Biennale (1978). In 1973, Binazzi co-founded Global Tools, a laboratory of experimental architecture. Binazzi continues to work as an architect-artist-designer showing in notable exhibitions such as: Alchemy in Florence (1981), Documenta 8 in Kassel (1987), and The House of Dolce Stil Novo in Florence (1991). Considering design as a phenomenon of pure communication, his research focuses on trying to match the artistic experience with the same experimental design. Italian Radical Design Movement was key in solidifying Italy and Italian design as an international leader in the world of post-modern design. Lapo Binazzi is currently teaching furniture design at the Florence Institute of Design International.


    About Annaisa Petri

    Annaisa Petri, a young Brazilian, who worked as an architect in Brazil before enrolling at The Florence Institute of Design International. Petri will graduate from FIDI in December of 2015 from the Master of Furniture Design.


    About Florence Institute of Design International

    FIDI is an international school of arts and design in Florence, Italy. It offers courses in Bachelors and Masters in interior design, graphic design and furniture. For more information visit


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