Marc DiDomenico

Marc DiDomenico

Italy, NY, US



Director of the Florence Institute:

Marc DiDomenico is an architect who oversees the Florence institute's.  Arch. DiDomenico in addition instructs parts of the interior design master studio courses. His experience in architecture, interiors, international competitions, and historic preservation brings a professional emphasis to the institute’s academic structure. His works have been featured in respected international publications and his experience extends equally between Italy, Europe and North America.

Arch. DiDomenico also servered as the 2009 President of the AIA Continental Europe chapter. AIA Europe is a International association that attracts hundreds of architects and designers with members throughout Europe and North America. Through the AIA he is involved with the organization of design exhibitions, architectural tours, and international conferences.


In Florence Marc DiDomenico has collaborated with some of the most respected design studios. With Florentine architect Andrea Ponsi, he participate in competitions prized at the highest levels. While with Pisan architect, Massimo Carmassi he gained experience with historical restorations, modern insertions, cultural facilities, and residential developments. Arch DiDomenico was educated in the United States with degrees from both Drexel and Syracuse Universities. In 2002 he was recognized by the Minister of Instruction as an Italian architect and subsequently accepted into the Florentine Order of Architects.


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