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    Marc DiDomenico
    Jun 11, '15 3:22 AM EST

     A compact table named ‘Limits’ is a geometric play on folding materials and space. “Limits is a table that pushes our perception of physical and philosophical boundaries,” states designer Kim Koh. Formed entirely from flat triangles, the angles converge into slender joints making the parts appear weightless. Tapered joints and contrasting wood tones let the triangular planes appear independent from each other. The absence of any vertical edge distorts the sense of perspective, thus distorting the ‘spatial limits’ surrounding the table.

    There are functional tensions created went the table is put into use. The symmetrical geometry of the table with cantilevered top creates a sense of ‘unbalance’ as if the center of gravity could shift when placing objects on top. This geometric unbalance is then resolved with the weight of the user’s belongings stowed within the lower compartments of variable sizes. The center compartment can be removed to give users more options and control over what the table can do for them.

    The table can be efficiently cut from a single sheet of plywood. The assembly, using minimal joints, tests the limits of the wood material. Then finished with wood veneer and meticulous attention to detail, the triangular table evokes a sense of vogue functionality. “From concept, to function, to efficiency, ‘ Limits’ provides users with a dynamic way of living.”  Koh says.

    The table will be produced as a limited edition release by Florentine Fabricator, Wood Arredamenti Fiorentini s.n.c. As a B.A. student at the Florence Institute of Design International (FIDI), Koh has confronted many aspects of Furniture Design; from the development of design concept and through all stages leading to the final manufacturing process. The Bachelor of Design degree is now in its’ third year of collaboration with the University of Chester.

    About Florence Institute of Design International


    Florence Institute of Design International is an international school of arts and design in Florence, Italy. It offers Bachelor and Master courses in Interior Design, Graphic Design and Furniture Design. For more information visit

    About Kimberly Koh


    The young designer Kimberly Koh studied at the Catholic Junior College in Singapore before beginning her studies of Interior Design at the Florence Institute.


    About Arch. Alex Amador


    Arch. Alex Amador teaches Interior and Furniture Design courses at FIDI. Amador received his Bachelor of Architecture from the Universidad Catolica Redemptoris in Nicaragua and his Master of Interior Design from FIDI. Amador’s practice has been described as one that “pays specific attention to the research and use of materials applied in the design world as well as new approaches and experimentation.”




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