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    ASSEMBLING SELF-REFLECTION Chair Provides Space For Introspection

    Marc DiDomenico
    Nov 26, '14 12:20 PM EST

    FLORENCE, ITALY— Daydreaming, reading or relaxing in a cozy chair is a traditional part of life. The latest chair design, developed at the Florence Institute of Design International (FIDI), encourages its owners to indulge in this personal time. The chair’s smooth, rounded corners give the chair a comfortable feel while the two-toned wood adds warmth, thus welcoming the transcendence that one might experience when reflecting in its seat. Yet, the heavy proportions convey a sense of purpose and identity, grounding the individual in the material present.


    “It is a chair for spending time with yourself, disconnecting and reconnecting” says designer, Juan Ochoa.  The design’s name, IO Chair, draws upon the word “Io” which means “I” in Italian and underlines the intended individual experience to be found in the piece.


    Each owner is meant to have the opportunity to develop a creative connection with the IO Chair. In the six-step assembly of the chair, one sees and feels its creation. Made from bent plywood and flat panels, it is easily assembled with just nine bolts. “The self-assembly system allows you to take part in the process of the construction of the chair. When you put the chair together, you create a deeper connection and ownership to your chair,” explains its designer.  In spite of the self-assembly process, most often associated with mass-production, the piece maintains its artistic integrity. Adding another layer of signature identity, the chair will be crafted by an artisanal Tuscan fabricator.


    The innovative design was conceived by Juan Ochoa, a young Colombian, who studied architecture in Colombia before enrolling to FIDI’s  Master of Furniture Design program where he studied under prof. Arch. Leonardo Rossano. Ochoa graduated from FIDI in May of 2014 and is currently designing and living in New York City. The IO Chair will be produced as a limited edition release by Wood Arredamenti Fiorentini s.n.c.  


    About Arch Leonardo Rossano

    Arch Leonardo Rossano currently teaches furniture design courses at the Florence Institute of Design International. His style has been described as fresh and innovative while using a variety of materials, everything from bent plywood to aluminium and steel.  Since 1998 Rossano has worked as a professional designer with pieces manufactured by companies including TRUE Design, TMA and Lapalma.


    About Florence Institute of Design International

    FIDI is an international school of arts and design in Florence, Italy. It offers courses in Bachelors and Masters in interior design, graphic design and furniture. For more information visit



    Marc DiDomenico


    Florence Institute of Design International

    Florence, Italy

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