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    Architecture's Version of the separation of Church and State

    By Daniel Childs
    Apr 15, '11 7:09 PM EST

    So, I was riding my bike to school the other day happened upon this:


    Now I recall reading here on Archinect a report about Piano's, Art Institute in Chicago being 'bombed' and actually submitted a comment; more as a reaction to the other comments than any strong belief about 'street art' and this reminded me of that instance.

    This is a fairly new project just completed by Works Partnership from here in Portland and while not in the suburbs, certainly isn't in a rough part of town. It is right on my daily route to school and for a week it remained "unscrubbed" and I actually started thinking, that it was actually pretty aesthetically appealing... It's basically symmetrical, the white plays off the grey really well, and I would almost venture to say that someone who lives in a house like this, would probably recognize this, if they weren't just plain pissed off.

    Then, one morning on my ride, scrawled crooked, and sideways at the end was added "in the anus" and by the time I was heading home the tag was removed.

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