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    Halfway Finished

    By Daniel Childs
    Feb 8, '10 12:45 PM EST

    Through mid-terms, now it's time to work on the ECS, and Human Context work.

    This semester we are working on a Arts Academy in downtown Portland Oregon. My mid-term went well and I got a lot of great suggestions and criticisms which I'll go over as soon as I get ahead of my other class work. This third quarter of our first year is incredibly hectic with 3 class, 3 labs, and then studio on top that. It's rare that have a chance to take a breath so I took advantage of finishing mid-terms and headed up to Portland to spend the weekend and have another look at the site. This is my first real entry onto this forum, so I'll keep it short until I have something to show. I don't have any pictures of my mid-term pin up yet, but I'll get them up here soon.

    Hopefully I'll be able to keep this updated and current as I find it really great to read all the other posts of what other students are doing.

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