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    Kinetic Architecture

    By Daniel Childs
    Feb 14, '10 2:58 AM EST

    So I'm heading to Vancover, BC in the spring to do a semester "abroad" and study urban architecture, kinetic architecture and escape the mundane college town of Eugene. Until then I'm supposed to find a kinetic architecture case study/precedent to present once we get there. Does anyone know of any good buildings or examples to start with or any good places to start looking? I've got a few in mind like the Chicken Point House, and the new Dallas Theater, but if anyone has some other suggestions I'd be interested in checking them out...Thanks.


    • washingtonian

      Milwaukee Art Museum by Calatrava is the first one that comes to mind for me.

      Feb 14, 10 3:09 pm  · 

      Check out

      Feb 15, 10 3:09 am  · 
      Feb 15, 10 3:35 am  · 
      Daniel Childs

      Thanks a lot! These are all great suggestions.

      Feb 15, 10 7:18 pm  · 

      Uni-Systems, LLC builds Kinetic Architecture projects see:

      They have some video on YouTube

      And they are hosting a "Kinetic Architecture Design Competition" this Jun 2010 where you can submit a design idea. Winner announced at the AIA 2010 in Miami.

      May 31, 10 3:51 pm  · 

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