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  • revised moment

    By shawn jenkins
    Apr 24, '06 2:13 PM EST

    here is the revised aviary moment.a little less abstract..more site appropriate. i think that my scale of the aviary is a little too big.. and i am not sure about building an aviary around a living tree. are there any precedents of this kind? something that can move with the growth of the tree.

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  • Reluctant Depenence

    By shawn jenkins
    Apr 21, '06 12:37 AM EST

    These are my preliminay views of an aviary for the Spotted Owl. Everyone has heard about the spotted owl. I am treating this raptor in a different way from the other raptors. It is on the brink of extinction and does not deserve to be on display. The owls end up here after they have be hit by cars... View full entry

  • Esquisse models

    By shawn jenkins
    Apr 17, '06 2:57 PM EST

    These are my second round of spatial-translations of a pattern taken from a raptor. Trying to put physical actions into graphic representation is challenging. I'll put a question out there. How can you represent 3 pounds graphically.. that can transend cultural differences? View full entry

  • HOPES conference

    By shawn jenkins
    Apr 14, '06 3:32 PM EST

    The HOPES conference has begun. Lots of info on check it out. View full entry

  • client

    By shawn jenkins
    Apr 12, '06 1:06 AM EST

    what does it mean to be an owl? View full entry

  • Cascade Raptor Center

    By shawn jenkins
    Apr 11, '06 12:47 AM EST

    Our studio is turning out to be a very interesting project this term. The design of a raptor center that takes in injured raptors and ones that can not be released into the wild for one thing or another. i am working on my 'client' the great gray owl, what and how this bird works and needs. very... View full entry

  • spring term studio

    By shawn jenkins
    Apr 3, '06 12:55 AM EST

    looking forward to this up coming studio. our project has not been told to us yet and we find out tomorrow. and i still have the kiln shed project. we have started hauling up the purlins and then move onto our wind braces. View full entry

  • scaffolding up high

    By shawn jenkins
    Feb 27, '06 10:24 PM EST

    here we are placing some scaffolding into the roof area of the trusses. The bottom cord is going to be turned into the floor of our work area so that we can move freely along the building. The scaffolding starts at thirteen feet above the ground! View full entry

  • kiln shed

    By shawn jenkins
    Feb 27, '06 10:19 PM EST

    these shots were from a few days ago. we are placing vetical bracing under the trusses to take up some of the weight until we have bolted the trusses in place. those are andrews feet dangling from the bottom cord, nailing in the straps to keep the braces from moving horizontally. View full entry

  • flyin' trusses

    By shawn jenkins
    Feb 12, '06 10:27 PM EST

    Here they are in action. The trusses are flying into place without any hitches and the day is flying by. this is us having our safety meeting. safety first! here comes the crane here is the first truss lifting off the ground this truss was the longest reach for the crane. View full entry

  • Deck of Cards

    By shawn jenkins
    Feb 11, '06 5:12 PM EST

    The day has arrived!! The trusses will be up in the air tomorrow morning. The safety meeting is set for early in the morning and then the begin to fly! These are some photos of us getting the trusses in their placement order for the crane. View full entry

  • flip flops

    By shawn jenkins
    Feb 9, '06 2:40 PM EST

    He wears them everyday rain or shine..i have only seen him wear actual shoes once and they were hiking shoes..he had a meeting..he also rides his bike in them.. View full entry

  • Kiln Shed trusses

    By shawn jenkins
    Feb 9, '06 12:40 AM EST

    And we have just received the good news!! We will have the crane operator onsite Saturday morning. This is going to be a great time. With the trusses going up the progress will speed up. It is hard trying to do small jobs in between bouts of rain. With the trusses up we can start the roof and keep... View full entry

  • Kiln Shed

    By shawn jenkins
    Feb 9, '06 12:29 AM EST

    Here are a few more phots of the kiln shed project. Our intructor is instructing us in the beauty of straigtening a wall. View full entry

  • environmental control systems

    By shawn jenkins
    Jan 26, '06 3:14 PM EST

    a few photos of my group project of a shading device.. my partner and i thought that it would be good idea to mimic the affect that sun shining through the leaves of some outdoor planters would really be nice.. especially for the upper floors of our building where outside planters would be too... View full entry

  • what is this?..

    By shawn jenkins
    Jan 25, '06 11:59 PM EST

    here are some photos of the shed that was started last year and the project ran out of funding and it was the miracle of money has been brought back and this is what it looks like right now...also we are working on a design mock up to decide what is going to happen on some of the... View full entry

  • Advanced Design Build

    By shawn jenkins
    Jan 12, '06 11:17 PM EST

    hello all.. this is my first entry. Im a slacker. This term I have no design studio ..but I am involved in building a heavy timber frame Kiln shed on campus. I will keep everyone informed and updated on the project and the design process. View full entry

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