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    Preliminary Renders

    By Daniel Childs
    Feb 23, '10 4:53 AM EST

    Digital Media at the U of O is something that we tend to have to explore by ourselves as there is a strange sort of veil surrounding it's place in the curriculum. While we are required to take a generic class that attempts to teach Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketchup, and Indesign all in a mere 8 weeks (unless you have a jump start on these programs) most people tend to get left behind pretty quickly. I think this stance might have to do with the pull back and forth between the traditionalists who have been there forever and the newer faculty that is using many of these tools for their research. Not to mention, this school is more focused on teaching you about design that works rather than how to use a particular software.

    I'm not yet sure where I stand on this issue. While I don't think the school is responsible for training us on particular programs, it would be great to have more in house support for the students that might hit some bumps on the way. What I do know is that the best way to learn these things is to spend as much time as you can using them. I guess it's just like anything else, you can talk about it, or read about it but if you don't try it and practice at it, you'll never be able to do it.

    Anyway, here are a couple room studies that I've completed for my Digital Media class. I think they came out pretty well. I used a lot of layering in Photoshop, and the modeling was done in Sketchup.

    Architecture Studio
    Painter/Sculpture Studio

    Scholar's Studio

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    • euvolemic

      You will find most curricula do not devote much time to teaching software. To educate a designer they want to teach design before design communication. In your case, put at lease a small window to the north face for cross ventilation. You should also move the balcony/circulation to the sunny south side of the building and change the southern opacity/screening for unit privacy. It is hard to judge without a site plan/context.

      For the digital media, it looks like you are off to a good start. Now you should begin with a new project and a more advanced modeling software like rhino. Keep the help menu open and make friends/tutors/troubleshooters out of people who's work you admire.

      Feb 24, 10 11:23 pm  · 

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